Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Saranrom update Monday 04.08.2014

Saranrom update Monday 04.08.2014

Arrive at north end of Sanam Luang 22:55. The night market at Klong Lot is no more, the area is empty and fenced off. (There would be no market on Monday anyway, but the area is fenced off, don't know where the market moved.)

Walk around Saranrom park and palace and spot a cute boy in a group. One of the group seems to be there every night, I see him every time I go. The cute boy is new, I indicate interest. But he doesn't want to go with me! The others tell him that I come here often (มาบ่อย), that I have good manners (นิสัยดี) and I tell him that I just want to touch his body and have a wank with him. No way, he has not been with Farang before and doesn't want to go. I say goodbye and continue.

The first time a boy refused me. There was a similar case last, but it's not clear if that boy was just hanging out with his friends or available. Two times he didn't want to go with me (or talking about 3000 Baht with his friends), the third time he accepted 500, but cute face and nice body couldn't compensate for complete lack of effort in bed. If it starts like this, better move on.

Few hundred meters further, spot another cute boy, have a chat in English (speaks good English) and take taxi to short time hotel. 

I counted 20 boys, but made only half a round (22:55-23:30) and there were many more I saw from the taxi.

The boy I picked up speaks good English, has good manners (some boys there use a lot of foul language), is gay (can do everything, might check next time) and performed very well in bed, there will be a repeat. 

One of the rare cases where I tipped more than agreed (600 instead of 500). At 500 for short time, I sometimes have generous moments: I tipped another boy an extra 100 so he can buy medicine (he had a cough when we met) and yet another boy 100 extra to buy underwear (he didn't wear underwear on both occasion I met him).

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  1. looks like you landed a gem or at least half gem with your companion.

    Certainly you have a good reputation among boys here, well deserved I guess.

    I agree it's best to move on if boy is hesitant to go with us , reason is irrelevant but nothing pleasurable will come out of forced encounter.

    Your good heart starts showing, first lavishing reds on boys in Pattaya bar, now upping agreed tip, good for you

  2. These encounters can be exciting but security
    Measures must be taken first if going back to your
    Room etc.
    I thought I had done enough but somehow
    The young man got my digital camera buried in
    My suitcase. The only thing of value not locked up.
    Don't underestimate these sexy urchins.
    Could get your ass bit. Not in a good way.ha ha.
    I know u know better christian its directed at
    Other readers. No doubt I will go again though
    Better prepared.


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