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Pattaya weekend 08.-10.08.2014

Pattaya weekend 08.-10.08.2014

By chance (email from a friend who says that boy on gayromeo looks interesting), I became aware that the exotic twink has a gayromeo profile. We chat and agree to meet the weekend.

Our history so far: Paths cross in Soi VC, but I am on the way to cinema and forget to ask for phone number. A month later, paths cross again, but I am chatting with other boys, but he waits for me around the corner and gains access to my room by claiming to be locked out of his room. When I am back from my April trip to Germany, I can't reach him on the phone, changed phone or lost phone as I would later learn. Our paths cross again by chance on Jomtien beach, however I am on the way back to Bangkok (checked out of hotel, carry my backpack for return by bus from Jomtien) and leave him my phone number, hoping he would call soon, but he doesn't. 

Friday, 08.08.2014

On the bus to Pattaya, I message him in Line, in gayromeo and finally call him, no reply. (Update: he messaged me back on Sunday, when I was on return to Bangkok.)

ChristianPFC's first rule of dating Thai boys:

Finding a new sexual partner in real life is often easier than meeting someone you know again or finding and meeting someone new from online!

But I have to admit, the situation is asymmetric: I often don't tell the boys what day and time I arrive even if I know (so in this case), because something better might come along, but expect them to be there and free when I call them. In this case, while on the bus, I realized that I would have a gap 5-7 pm which could be filled with this boy.

My usual S-walk (not the shortest way, but walking past as many massage places as possible without going one way twice) coming from South Pattaya road near Tuk-Com, to see if there is talent in the massage places, but it has been a long time since I last spotted a cute boy (over a year ago).

Check in to Gurke (rooms have recently been renovated, now they are fine). 

Power Boy 20:05-40. 15 Boys on stage, one sitting with customer. Coke 135 Baht, off fee 400 Baht. Two cute boys, one already sitting with customer and offed later. I guess Power Boy does good business, and they have a nice selection. After some pondering, I off the other cute boy J.

I changed my style: instead of going to several bars and checking where the cutest boy is (or in Saranrom doing a full round), and then going back and find he is gone already, I take the first boy.

Good vibes and pleasant to be with, but no activity in bed. Still worth offing again. 1000 Baht tip graciously accepted. 

Then to Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Boyztown and Beach Road. There are a few available boys, this is the first time I see one (name M) I would take. Back to Gurke for manager's birthday party.

Saturday 09.08.2014

Afternoon watch movie in Major Cineplex. I was thinking about running on the hill in the evening, but a long chat with a friend thwarted that plan. I have not been in Jomtien at night for ages, so I take songtheo and go there (usually I spend nights in Sunee and Boyztown, all by walking). It is indeed busy, more customers than in Sunee. M (the boy from Beach Road yesterday) is in a bar, so I have a drink and chat with him. He wants to go with me, and I agree. 

But then M leaves my table to chat with friends in the bar, and two other boys come over to chat with me. One of them is one of my best offs E (two years ago from Toy Boys, I still remember all the details he told me), and it seems he stopped chain smoking (that was the reason why I had him only once). 

I would rather take E than M, but already agreed to take M. I am thinking about intercepting M in the toilet and tipping him, but then I can't see him any more from where I sit (with E on my side). But he is back (from buying food) before I can seize this opportunity. The strange thing is that they boys were not at all possessive (you would think a boy that has a customer who will take him off doesn't step away from that customer or lets other boys come close).

Back to Sunee (going to Jomtien 7:30 pm took 20 min, going back 11 pm takes 7 min). Not overwhelming, but worth taking again (but for my next trip E and J and exotic twink are higher on my list, but maybe first rule (see above) kicks in again).

I spot a cute boy outside the Karaoke (Hot Fever) near Sunee. Insert ear plugs and enter 2:30 am. No other customers yet! I think I will not get into that karaoke business, too late for me.

Sunday 10.08.2014

Return to Bangkok from van station near Tuk-Com.

New Bars: 

Dream Boys (Boyztown Pattaya), details see last trip report.

X-Boys Land changed name to Free Man:

New bar in Sunee Plaza (former City Boys) will open soon (Sunny Boys):

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