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Mocy and taxi price tables

Mocy and taxi price tables

Many Bangkok taxis have a price table like this:

And there is another table with prices from Bangkok to other cities:

Recently (about June 2014, is there a connection to political events?) all mocy stations have been equipped with similar price tables (with price to nearby popular destinations instead of distance). Before, only some had such tables, various styles, often hand-drawn. Now it's the same style (I can only judge Bangkok and Pattaya, the same template with slightly different style for destinations and prices close to the station, one had Thai numbers), often there is even a list with driver's numbers, names and pictures; and a laminated official document.

The bad news is, destinations are in Thai only.

This one is from the entrance of Soi Ngamduplee (my translation, selected entries, prices in Baht):

Q House Lumpini 15, Sathorn Soi 1 15, Soi Nantha (Babylon Sauna) 15, 7-11 Yen Agart 15, Suan Phlu market 30, Nang Linchee market 40, Klong Toey market 40, BTS Sala Daeng 40, Wat Hua Lampong 60 Baht. 

Table of prices according to distance: first 2 km not more than 25 Baht, each further km not more than 5 Baht per kilometer, distances more than 5 km have to be negotiated between driver and customer.

Once you get over 35 Baht, mocy costs about the same (or even more - Sala Daeng, Wat Hua Lampong) as a taxi, and you have to balance comfort of a taxi against higher speed of a mocy in traffic jam.

Pattaya, Center Condo / Wat Chai Market:

to the entrance of Central Pattaya road 50-60 Baht,
to the entrance of South Pattaya road 40-50 Baht,
to the entrance of North Pattaya road 60-80 Baht,
Naklua from 80 Baht
Jomtien from 60 Baht 

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