Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Roi Et August 2014

Roi Et August 2014

I have been to Roi Et just two months ago, but there are some interesting places left to visit and a new place come to my list, and from Khon Kaen it’s 2 hours by bus, so I go again.

Saturday, 02.08.2014

From Khon Kaen take bus 534 to Roi Et (80 Baht, scheduled departure 17:00, real 16:54-18:51). Check into Bua Tong hotel (close to lake/park and hwy 23). Fan room 200 Baht per night: 

I take aircon room, 300 Baht per night:

The rooms are very simple and old, next time I will go to nearby 99 hotel to see if I can get better standard. But I always wanted to stay in a hotel that has prostitutes in front of it, this wish is now fulfilled. (I never stayed at the Malaysia in Bangkok, and now the moneyboys are gone.) At night, you have to call (shout, via open window) the receptionist who is sleeping in the lobby to open the door for you.

At 20:30, there is little activity on the peninsula in the lake. Closing time is 9 pm, there are only some boys playing ball games left. But there are people on the part of the park that is on dry land, at 9 pm there are about 5 available ladies and 2 available boys and others whose status is unclear.

A boy near the lake asks me to sit with him, and even without him tickling my palm when shaking hands (I mean he did tickle my palm, to make it crystal clear what he is up to, but that was not necessary) it was clear to me that he is looking for sex. Two visits to Roi Et allow me to tell my readers that there is gay cruising around the lake/park and that there is a gay and straight street side prostitution scene. The gay scene is very small, up to 3 people. There are 5 to 10 ladies.

Back to my room and watch movie on my mobile phone. My acquaintance from two months ago finally is on Line, just at the right time. So I go to see him and we have dinner (invitation, he has a restaurant but there are few customers, it appears it’s just a place for him and his friends to sit and eat and drink).

Sunday 03.08.2014

Wat Baan Non Sawan (bottle temple and Buddhist Hell – Hungry Ghosts) in separate post.

Phra Mahachedi Chai Mongkon in separate post.

Ride back to Roi Et 18:56-20:20. Bus stops near the hotel on my request, so I don’t have to walk all the way back from bus station. The gay boy from yesterday is near the lake, and he has two friends who are obviously gay as well, but none of them my type.

Walk to Sahapan tour bus station (a few hundred meter away from main bus station) to check times for buses to Bangkok (there is a gap with no buses between 10 am and 6 pm, in cases of high demand there is a bus at 1 pm, but on my last trip I had to take the 1 pm bus form main bus station which took 10 hours to Bangkok, with many long and unnecessary stops, I want to avoid this this time).

On my way back, I spot a group of boys with mocy, so I take a detour and still 10 m away one of the boy greets me. 2 out of 7 are cute. We chat, I tell them that I will go to meet a friend for dinner and to my hotel afterwards. The cute boy offers to take me on mocy. I realize that dinner with friend was not a good idea, that will make further interaction unlikely. So I accept his offer to take me back to my hotel. The other boys follow on mocy.

I use this chance to chat caress his abs (I am sitting behind him on mocy) and chat with him alone (translated from Thai):

Do you like boys or girls?
I like Girls.
(wait to let it settle in)
I like Thai boys, like you. Do you like wanking?
No-no. (this was in English)
(wait to let it settle in)
Do you have a big dick or small dick?
No-no. You better get off here. (stops 20 m from my hotel)

Another way how not to seduce straight boys. Subtle hints do not work, strong hints do not work, not much left to try (beer, offering money).

I wait a minute until they are gone and walk all the way back (5 minutes), my friend’s restaurant is close to where they chatted me up. Another dinner invitation. Leave about 11 pm for an early start next day (bus 9:30 am). You would think that’s it, but no, on my way back I spot a group of boys unloading some flower decoration from a wedding into a wedding shop. So I change side and still 10 m away, one of them greets me. They seem to be all gay, but none of them my type. But we are getting closer: gay boys not cute at the park, cute boys not gay on mocy, now gay boys not cute in wedding shop.

They invite me to Rong Bia (โรงเบียร์, literally: beer factory; Roi Et Pavilion Brewery โรงเบียร์พาวิล), a disco about 100 m north of the moat. And there is another disco nearby, so that’s where the nightlife is (before, I walked only past some karaoke places with few customers).

Music ok, clean and odorless toilets (something I have yet to see in a gay disco), I like their LED screens.

Leave 00:35 and walk back to hotel (00:55) for an early start the next day. There are still ladies around.

Monday 04.08.2014

After breakfast, take VIP bus to Bangkok (479 Baht, 3 seats in a row), 9:18-16:35 (Mor Chit 2). The massage from the massage seats is barely noticeable. If I hadn't known, I would have thoughts it's vibration from the road. From Mor Chit 2, almost got home for free on free bus 136 (16:48-18:07), but on Ratchada the traffic gets so slow that I leave and take MRT (should have done so much earlier, lost an hour due to traffic jam).

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  1. Just a suggestion.
    If a cute guy offers you a ride back to your hotel, don't ask him about his sexual preferences. Invite him to your room for a drink. Make him tipsy & comfort him with shoulder massage. Play some straight porn & feed him more beer. He would soon be very comfortable beside you...

  2. I will keep your suggestion in mind and try when appropriate. However in this case it was clear that he would go somewhere with his friends afterwards, because they got on their mocys and followed us. Maybe it's just my depravity that I can't imagine any other reason than having sex to offer a stranger a free ride back to his place.


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