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Words of praise: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Words of praise: Tourism Authority of Thailand

I have used the service of TAT Tourism Authority of Thailand (ททท การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย) in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chanthaburi and recently Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Phuket and found staff in all places helpful, knowledgeable and speaking good English.

They have many publications, some available all over Thailand (like the brochures about the provinces, in English and in Thai), some only in office belonging to the province. Quality publications (contrary to what you find in hotels and travel agencies), all free of charge. I shall use their services more often and encourage my readers to do so as well.

They seem not to get much traffic, I am usually the only visitor. Their offices are in central locations in provincial capitals, opening time seems to be 8:30-16:30 every day.

They have several websites:

Here part of my prey from a visit to the Nakhon Si Thammarat office:

However they are not comprehensive, elsewhere I find material that was not in TAT office. So I look around everywhere and take everything I can get my hands on. From trip to Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phuket I came back with about 1 kg of printed matter, which I will use to prepare future trips. 

Update June 2015: several offices have moved in recent years, but are still on maps or traffic signs in the old locations:
Chiang Mai (from eastern shore of river to opposite Art in Paradise),
Khon Kaen (from about 2 km north of lake to western shore of lake),
Phrae (now about 500 m west of bus terminal)

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  1. Christian, you need to also issue a warning that many places that advertise tourist information or call themselves tourist centers are not part of the Tourist Authority, but tour shops looking to book you on a paid tour.

  2. Khortose is right, many place who call themselves "tourist information" are just tour operators, often not even that, just middlemen who neither produce information material nor operate tours. They are all along the sidewalks of Pattaya, Phuket, Khao San road and the like.

    Same for bus or train booking. I book my bus or train at the station, with the operator, usually half an hour before departure (of course you need to know the timetable), not in some agency.

  3. Chris-you are smarter as they.
    You know where the REAL TAT is-and indeed, they do and have always done, since 50+ years, a good job in making general tourist-info. In fact i know quite many a chapter in well-known guidebooks, mostly just plagaitising what TAT delivers. They DO have leaflets on every region, every chiangwat of TH, but not all is available anywhere. Also comprehensive listings of placestostay and transport connections. Some local TATs have added specific local info. In fact this is mainly aimed at domestik tourists. Some TATs also organise-in Thai only, cheap daytours, on weekends, to places hard to reach by normal transp.
    But it is not true that they are always in good locations-notably the Pattaya one has been moved from Beachrd to somewhere uphill.


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