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Free boat tour to make merit at 9 wats around Koh Kret

Free boat tour to make merit at 9 wats around Koh Kret

I learned of this event here:

original publication in Thai with pictures:

May to September 2014, Every Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 and 12:00, duration about 5 hours, free. Starting point is Wat Yai Sawang Arom (วัดใหญ่สว่างอารมณ์). This boat tour has been going on for five years already, so there is a good chance this event takes place next year again.

Pak Kret (ปากเกร็ด) is the district which includes dry land and the island area, Koh Kret (เกาะเกร็ด) is the island itself.

Saturday, 16.08.2014

No public transport, but bus 203 to Nonthaburi pier (or boat to the pier) gets close, I take taxi from there. BTS extension that gets even closer is under construction.

You register at the wat (googlemaps shows a place about 1 km inland, but the wat is on the river) and get a badge. The day before, I added the phone numbers to my phone, and inquired in Line if the boats are still running. Nonetheless I had an emergency plan what else to do in the area, should I arrive late or tour already fully booked.

The boat is a double decker, good view from upper deck. There are about 50 passengers and more than 20 seats left. Leave 12:00, back around 16:30. All announcements are in Thai, I am the only foreigner.

The two crucial points for me to join this trips is that it is free and one stop is Wat Bang Chak/Jak (วัดบางจาก, do not confuse with BTS station of same name), the temple with wall painting with superheros:



Tree growing out of a chimney:

Sitting Buddha at Wat Bang Chak/Jak (วัดบางจาก), tiger gate (entrance to basement) on the left side (Rahu behind, dragon on the right side):

The park behind the statue has scenes from Buddha's life and other statues:

Koh Kret is famous for pottery:

More Wats:

Fried flowers:

The leaning chedi:

Pagodas covered in mirrors (gold, silver;  green not in picture):

For return walk to main road (Ratchapruek, about 1 km) and wait for taxi. There was an announcement that the penultimate stop (Wat Tha It) is better connected: mocy or tuk-tuk to nearby bus stop. I saw bus 32, 66, 203, 751 driving past on Ratchapruek, with no or few passengers, then asked at a restaurant: there are no bus stops.

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  1. "googlemaps shows a place about 1 km inland, but the wat is on the river" - it is incredible how many mistakes there are on Google Maps, and not only for Thailand. When looking for a business or any building or point of interest, I would never rely on this amateurish tool.

  2. I occasionally find mistakes on googlemaps, but in general it is an amazing website, I use it a lot. The other part of the wat on the river is in google maps, but navigation leads to the part inland.

  3. @ Ta-Ith is since 2-3 yrs a new bus garage for BMTA-hence all the empty buses. But SOME 203 and 18-red, not the yellow AC, end here with most trips.
    There are also loads of vans along that road where the MRT (its not BTS, but skytrain in the sky) is near finished-they wait for the trains to come, from Vict. Mon, the Mall and Mochit. AND there is even a kind of m2m massage shop nearby-Body Slide, but apparently you are not into that.
    But very intresting- good discovery. Did you make any contact with all those pilgrim Thai?

  4. I did not make contact with the other passengers.

  5. Saw advert for the same tour around Dec 2014 and Jan 2015 in newspaper.


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