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Gay activities Apr-May 2015

Gay activities Apr-May 2015

Details about Saranrom, Super A Silom Soi 6, Thai Best Massage Silom Soi 8, Saranrom again, Seed Ramkhamhaeng, Magic Hands Soi Sribampen.

Wed 01.04.2015
Late at night call waiter boy: wants to come to download music video but still at work; 2 am go to bed alone without message from him.

Fri 03.04.2015
In chronological order: Hua Lampong, Chinatown, Fab sauna, Hua Lampong, Saranrom (take boy I had before, 500 Baht).

Five weeks in Germany, did not spot a single cute boy (on previous visits there were at least a few when traveling in Berlin).

Sat 09.05.2015
Return to Bangkok. At night, old acquaintance comes to see me, 1000 Baht. Appointment 19:00, 19:40 he calls from taxi: traffic jam, arrives 20:45.

Sunday 10.05.2015 Super A
Meet Farang friend H for dinner and then stroll through Soi Twilight shortly before 8 pm (no rain during evening and night). Few boys and customers, no boys in gogo bars yet (judging by look through open door). Few boys at beer bars.

But both pool (billiard) tables occupied by massage boys and bar boys. I think this pool bar on ground floor of X-Size is detrimental to business, a boy who is there does not attract customers for his work place and will not get offed (I don’t recall punters mingling with the boys at the pool tables).

The sign for Fuse is gone, now it’s called Bangkok Bounce. Former Zeus bar still closed.

Walking past massage places on Silom, Surawong and between looks promising. 20:05, I count 14 boys and 2 girls at “The Green”, most of them sitting outside waiting for customer.

We go to Super A 20:10-21:10. Soft drink 100 Baht. One other customer during our stay. Only 6 boys, but two of them look promising. Low number due to police raid ? One other customer while we are there. Slow rotation. One cute boy on stage, seems interested, but front and back fully covered in tattoos. The other cute boy sits and is writing on paper (looks like some calculation) for long time, I basically have to wait until he has to go to toilet until I can see him completely (he got up to go to the bar after about half an hour). Very cute face, but his underwear not so much my style and a hint too fat. I can live with the few tattoos (spiral on his left shoulder, another above his left wrist, and another one on his right lower arm). But he didn’t show any interest.

I could ask him to sit with me, but that would cost me a drink and a tip, and I want to see him standing, better moving, and not sitting!

H goes to Golden Cock to chat with an old friend and says all boys there are shirtless but with street trousers, nothing for me!

Wed 13.05.2015 Thai Best Massage in Silom Soi 8 
One hour oil massage 400 Baht. Good massage (especially using elbow and forearm), willing to please me, but the usual: a bit too fat, a few hairs too much, a bit to cold. Boys are fully dressed outside, he took of his jeans before starting the massage, a good start. But when it came to take off the rest, there was a disturbance: he didn’t want to touch his clothes with oily hands, so I had to take them off. Tip 1000 Baht.

The built-in shower is deteriorating (I have been in the same room since 2013 several times): first it was new and worked well, then the slide door was jammed, than there was a leak and they put towel in front of the shower on the floor, now the slide door is removed and replaces by a plastic shower curtain.

Nonetheless, I recommend the place. Good choice of boys, good massage, good prices.

Fri 15.05.2015
Chiang Mai Adam’s Apple drink 260 Baht, details separate.

Sun 17.05.2015
Chiang Mai meet boy from Hornet, details separate.

Thu 21.05.2015
Hotmale and Classic, details separate. 

Fri 22.05.2015
Rather unmotivated visit to Fab Sauna, no action. Look around Hua Lampong and Chinatown on way to Fab, nothing interesting.

Then continue to Saranrom, arrive 20:50. Spot about 10 boys on a one-third round, until I find one around 21:30. He is near the bus stop, and his behavior is erratic (he walks away from the road when I approach), so I don’t know what he is doing there. After some minutes of insecurity, I approach him and ask if he speaks English and can point me the way to Wat Pho.

We get into chatting, and I am more and more sure that it’s the boy from 22 Dec 2011 with whom I went to Wat Thammamongkol (details see subsequent post). Exactly 3 years and 5 months minus 1 hour later, at the same spot! At that time I considered him boyfriend candidate, and was very sad that I couldn’t contact him any more on my next holiday (changed phone number, email didn’t work). Same name Art, first he says he is from Bangkok, but then I ask for his birthplace (Phuket; 2011 he said he is from Phang Nga).

We go to short time hotel and have fun. As a similar case (great sex first time, then boys disappears and years later I find him again), couldn’t match the first encounter. 500 Baht + 100 for taxi.

Finally I have explanation for the utmost difficulties I had to get him to come to my place (sometimes not at all, other times two hours late and waiting on the road in the taxi for me to pay the taxi) and his reluctance to stay over night (i.e. he didn’t stay over night): He was a money boy all the time, whereas I considered it non-compensated dating, and he had to make up things to get the money I owed him for sexual services.

Afterwards I ask him if he remembers me, finally when I mention Wat Phra Thammamongkol the penny drops. He is in the army (infantry in Pattani) and currently in Bangkok on holiday.

Sun 24.05.2015 Seed
I said it before, it’s often easier to meet a new boy than to arrange a meeting with someone I know already. Last time in Seed I exchanged Line with a boy and have been trying to see him again, but he is busy.

Spend evening in Seed (100 Baht entry, stay 19:10 – 21:40). It’s loincloth day, condom and lube provided, but no towel. Rooms too dark, bathrooms in poor condition, one without light (and no light on floor). One darkroom is so dark that you bump into people inadvertedly. Fortunately, someone ripped of part of the black foil that covers the window, so enough light from street comes in.

About 10 customers throughout, with a turnover of about 10 per hour. It’s a lot of walking up and down, with the occasional grope, and waiting for something to happen. It’s not easy: some fat boys are interested in me, sometimes you can touch others when they are fucking in the darkroom, other’s don’t want to be touched. There is group action a few times, but all too fat.

There is one cute boy who lets other touch him, but does not react and then walks away. I spend 20:10-40 on the internet (with cubicle door open to see who is passing).

And then, the cute boy is in an unmistakable position (getting fucked by one and sucking another), so I queue to be the next. But suddenly another boy of similar qualities appears (must just have entered the place, despite poor light I can recognize others on their body shape and skin temperature), so we have fun.

Later our paths cross again and I sit next to him (and kiss his neck and lick his nipples and stroke his body) while he gets fucked (the other cute boy gets fucked at least twice as well). Ask him for his locker number and put my name card in his locker. He calls the following day.

Leave Seed and wait for bus. It might take some time until I get a bus that passes my place, but there is bus 40 which passes Hua Lampong, so I take it. Arrive in Hua Lampong 23:05 and confirm previous findings: after 10 pm, there are only the old, fat, sick and ugly left; not a single cute boy (a friend once suggested the cute boys have all been snatched away already).

By chance, cross paths with a reader who agrees with me on Soi Twilight and is on the way to Saranrom (where he went twice already and is happy with choice, performance and prices) and thanks me for posting about Saranrom (and I have to thank gaybutton and for sharing their experiences).

Mon 25.05.2015
Fab Sauna.

Wed 27.05.2015 Magic Hands
There has been one boy (Bank, 20 years old, from Vientiane, 1 year in Magic Hands) on my list, first he worked in their Ngamduplee branch, now in their Sribampen branch. Go in the afternoon, he is inside and already performing foot massage on a customer, but they ask the customer if masseur can change and it’s ok.

1 hour oil massage 500 Baht. Climb upstairs, past storage rooms and take shower (hot water and good shower head, but toilet in the same room). Starts fully dressed. Very good massage (elbow and forearm, which I like; whereas I don’t like body-to-body after experiencing it twice) and good erotic part, both the best this year. Some new techniques: titillating my butt crack and ball just with his fingertips, and standing at the head end going with his fingertips all the way from but via sides and armpit to my fingers (would be great if I could put my hands around his butt, but he was fully dressed).

But there is room for improvement: put massage oil on hands instead of pouring it over customer, take off trousers and shirts (getting in skin contact is much nicer than contact through clothes, provided skin is warm and dry).

Then after turning over and getting to the happy ending part, I ask him to take of his shirt and trousers. Same problem as in Thai Best: oily hands. He is a bit too fat and too hairy and his skin is a bit too cold for my taste, so he can keep on his underwear. After happy ending, continue massage until time is up and chat.

Tip 1100 Baht (usually I tip 1000, but in this case an extra 100 well deserved). While type-wise only a bordercase, the erotic part of massage is great and I will be back some time, probably for 90 minutes oil massage.

Thu 28.05.2015
Hook up in Suphanburi, details separate.

Fri 29.05.2015
Meet old acquaintance in Ban Pong, 1000 Baht, details separate. 

Sun 31.05.2015 Screw Boys and Super A

An old acquaintance is in Sathorn and comes for a quicky for 1000 Baht. Asks for 100 Baht for taxi, instead I tell him which bus line to take to his destination. But he says bus is too slow, too hot, too low-so, whatever.

Meet my loyal reader vinapu for dinner (pizza in Madrid restaurant in Patpong) and bar hopping. 

Screw Boys. Enter 21:10. 6 boys on stage and two other customers. Music too loud, temperature ok. Drinks (soft, alcoholic or for boy) 300 Baht. Coyote boys wear individual underwear, other boys chessboard briefs over their own underwear. Closed shoes. Number 19 is cute (19 years old, wing tattoo over his shoulder blades). Some look like their bulges are stuffed. Smoking allowed. Mamasan says there is one Burmese and one Cambodian in the bar. Leave 22:15. About 12 boys and all good places taken. Customers mainly Asian, some young and cute.

Super A. Enter 22:20. 8 boys in individual underwear and flip-flops or bare feet. Music is ok, it's too hot in the bar, maybe 5 degrees Celsius cooler than outside. 

The two cute boys from last time still there. Both in the same underwear as far as I remember (Christian Andrews briefs and Aussibum trunks). One is overly tattooed, but the other one has a chance. Again reading on tablet and writing on paper. He reminds me of a boy in X-Boys Pattaya, similar face and body shape (body shape is ok by my standards, but underwear doesn't suit both of them).  

As before: once the excitement of having a customer is over, boys sit and play on phone or watch TV. Vinapu finds someone to take home (400 Baht). All drinks 100 Baht. Smoking allowed. 

I am stuck with a boy Sao from Udon Thani who massages me (arm, leg, feet, than washes his hands to massage head and shoulder and then back and arm) for over 1 hour. Far too fat and pale and beard stubbles and cold and wet skin and poorly fitting underwear, but I tip him 300 for massage. Hope that didn't send a wrong signal, next time I will have to fend him off, there will be no repeat.  

Leave 1:00. There were a total of 3 other customers. 

Will be back some time and invite the cute boy for a chat.  


4 sauna visits (3xFab, 1xSeed),
6 gogo bars (Super A, Adam's Apple, Hotmale, Classic, Screw Boys, Super A)
2 massages (Thai Best, Magic Hands Sribambpen)
2 Saranrom
3 old aquaintances
1 contact on Hornet
1 real life hook-up

7 paid sex (2 massages, 2 Saranrom, 3 old aquaintance 1000+1100+500+600+1000+1000+1000=6200)
3 free sex (Seed, Hornet, real life encounter)
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  1. A 1100 baht tip for an oil massage + happy ending where the masseur didn't even take his clothes off is a very generous tip. He's massaged your body (already paid for with the 400 baht) and for massaging your c*** he gets a 1100 baht tip. Or was there more offered?

    You can get full sex from a Gay Romeo boy or a Pattaya bar boy for that kind of tip. That's much more service than hand relief.

    Or as another comparison, if you take an oil massage in London and opt for the Happy Ending, they say the extra price is £20, ie 1020 baht. That's the LONDON price.

    1. I took his clothes off. I wouldn't pay 1000 for a hand job where the masseur stays fully dressed. I want him at least in underwear and grope him.

      My line of thought is this: for one hour oil massage I would tip 300, the happy ending is an additional 700 (in this particular case 800 more because he really had a great technique).

      But your are not the only one who tells me 1000 is generous.

      I didn't know that there is this kind of massage in London, and at a reasonable rate (but you have to add the base price for the massage).

    2. 300 tip for the oil massage is rather generous, but not unreasonably so. The masseur is paid to do the massage & your tip is the equivalent to a day's minimum wage. An Asian would probably offer no tip.
      150~200 is quite enough.

      For the happy ending, the tip is 5~600. Not extra to the 300, that's the total tip.

      If he's stripped to his underwear, that's still not really into 1000 baht territory. If he's stripped right off and we get more naughty, then it's time to consider this as closer to a 1000 baht short time off.

  2. Can you give me the exact location of Seed sauna?


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