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Shrine of Cobra Queen on Rama II road

Shrine of Cobra Queen on Rama II road

ศาลเจ้าแม่จงอางและลูก (แม่ขวัญ) ถนนพระราม2 (ซอย 48)
Sala Chao Mae Ngu Chong Ang and Look Shrine (Mae Khwan - name of mother snake)  
(จงอาง jong-aang = king cobra)

13°39'59.0"N 100°26'42.1"E 13.666380, 100.445020 
On Rama II road (northern side) next to Soi 48. 
800 m east of Central Plaza Rama II.

I went by bus 141 (aircon, expressway, Chulalongkorn University ม.จุฬาฯ to Samae Dam แสมดำ) from Rama IV road (Bon Gai ป่อนได่ stop opposite Soi Ngam Duplee), 19 Baht, 16:50-17:45. Get off at stop Sala Chao Mae Ngu ศาลเจ้าแม่งู (next to pedestrian overpass, directly opposite the shrine; stop before is Wat Lao วัดเลา between Soi 49 and 51). 

There is one website with a quality article in English which has the story of this place: The Shrine of the Cobra Queen and the Kids - Bangkok, Thailand  

At night, the place is illuminated and a light bulb hanging out of the window and food on the ground attracts snakes from adjacent empty plot of land: 

View from pedestrian overpass:

Sidewalk is just 20 m apart, without fence, from the place where the snakes eat every night!

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  1. Good find of you-never ever realised myself that this was this. Have passed there quite a few times and only thought it was just another Chinese shrine/temple.

  2. you found another unknown gem


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