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Tropical fruit: Mangosteen in numbers

Tropical fruit: Mangosteen in numbers

One of my favorite fruit is mangosteen.

It is well known (citation missing) that the number of petals equals the number of lobes. Counting petals/lobes, I found that most mangosteen have 5 to 7, I found one with 4 in 2014:

and finally one with 8 in 2015:

number of petals/lobes: number of fruit
4: 1, 5: 12, 6: 54, 7: 26, 8: 1

1 kg of small to medium size mangosteen contain 19 fruit, 1 kg of large contain 9 fruit, that means the numbers above are for about 6 kg of fruit.

I open mangosteen by cracking around the equator, then you can remove one half of the shell and eat the flesh. You can crack from pole to pole as well. If the shell is too hard to crack by hand, the flesh was rotten in all cases (about 20) I opened it with a tool.

The shell has a bitter taste (when you touch it with lips or tongue). Sometimes there is a yellow sap from shell to flesh, which affects the taste and makes the flesh hard, but still suitable for human consumption.

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