Sunday, 21 June 2015

Origin of my screen name ChristianPFC

Origin of my screen name ChristianPFC 

Sometimes people ask: What does ChristianPFC mean? 
Here copy paste from "Origin of Your Screen Name"

I first learnt about gay Thailand via the now defunct gayboythailand blog. To comment on posts, I needed a user name. If I remember correctly, there was already a "Christian" (or it just see too mundane to me simply to use my first name), so I added PFC (Private First Class, the English equivalent of my leaving rank in the German army, at that time we had compulsory military service) to my first name. I kept this name for all blogs and forums where I participate. My avatar is just supposed to be funny.


"Prefer Foreskin Connected" has been suggested: as has "Prick Fucking Cunt" (on one of the bitch bords, offline)

Update Sep2015: "Private Economy Class" 

I enjoyed my time in the army better than my time at university for several reasons:

1. Before eating, you don't have to go shopping and after eating, you don't have to wash dishes.  

Not only that, there are three free meals per day, lunch even warm! Washing dishes is not such a problem. While I was still at school, I read in a magazine for students that you can use you crockery and cutlery several days without cleaning if you put it in the refrigerator after use. When I put this into practice, I found it works even without refrigerator!

2. You don't have to wonder "What will I wear today?".

3. Army is not for talking with people, army is for shooting at people.  Derived from:  War is the continuation of politics by other means. (Carl von Clausewitz) In other words: after politicians stopped talking, soldiers start shooting.

I am not very communicative, even partially introvert, sometimes bordering on autistic. If I had to decide between talking with or shooting at people, I would decide for the latter.

4. Counter-intuitively, communal nude showering was not interesting. I like brown skin, and there was only one boy (half Brasilian, half German) whom I enjoyed watching in the shower. But nude showering in the army was important to lose my inhibitions about nudity:

So why did I not stay in the army? I pondered pursuing a career in the army, but there are not many positions for chemists. But one day I had the task to count points on targets from shooting, and I noticed that precision is good, but accuracy is poor:

This was for dozens of bullets with the same rifle by different shooters allowing statistical analysis. Whereas when you shoot five times and all are scattered around, you don't know if it's you, the rifle or something else. 

This discovery was not just a disenchantment, but a major disappointment that still causes me nightmares: how is it possible that our army cannot calibrate their rifles in peace at home? What will happen if there is a war, far away? 

Before, we already had to apply an adjustment, e.g. aim at 5 right low to hit the bull's eye, which puzzled me. When my watch is 7 minutes late, I set it and don't remember to add 7 minutes! Upon this discovery, and the indifferent reaction of my superiors when I reported it, I decided that I don't want to serve in an army where I might miss a human target because the rifle is not calibrated.

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  1. Very entertaining!
    And I guess for the most part true also...

  2. You ate tree's in the army ? as in tree free meal's.

    1. Typo, I meant three. Now corrected, thanks.

  3. You obviously had the HK G56 with reflexive sights (a bunch of circles ending in a dot). Yes, you have to adjust your aiming point for accuracy. I do believe that the normal optical sight has just a dot and is adjustable and can be calibrated. I've only seen one of these rifles as some have made it into swat teams in America.

    1. The G3 sights ARE adjustable for height and wind-age, so you rifle can be calibrated (your word). In English we say sighted-in.


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