Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wat Pleng (not abandoned any more) in Nonthaburi province

Wat Pleng (not abandoned any more) in Nonthaburi province
วัดเพลงร้าง ต.บางขนุน อ.บางกรวย จ.นนทบุรี

I saw pictures of this temple overgrown by trees:


There are other temples of similar names nearby; ร้าง means abandoned. But what I found was this:

It clearly once was abandoned, but has been restored.

13°48'53.5"N 100°28'00.7"E 13.814861, 100.466861 
Satellite view clearly shows the building with roof and no trees around. 2.4 km by road from Wat Chalor.
(many good quality picture from overgrown temple)วัดเพลง_(นนทบุรี) (in Thai)

During preparation of this post, I found hints for another abandoned temple วัดสักน้อย (ร้าง) nearby:
Satellite view shows trees around. Seems I went to the wrong place (based on wrong or incomplete information), have to go again some day.

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  1. Is it "any more" or "anymore"? lol

  2. I was not aware of the difference, thank you for bringing it up. I meant to say "any more" = "any longer" and not "anymore" = "nowadays". It's more a matter of style or regional variations of English than right or wrong.


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