Friday, 19 June 2015

Pattaya June 2015

Pattaya June 2015

General observations: few tattoos, in all bars about 1 out of 3 boys tattooed. Business is slow, but in popular bars there can be moments where the bar is full. Krazy Dragon closed, Lucky 7 closed, Gurke changed name to Ting Tong Red and now bar on ground floor all new. Ting Tong Blue still not open. Shishas are now banned, didn't see a single one on the way from Sunee to Walking street through the soi with Arab bars.

Take a Farang friend M with me to Pattaya (actually he is a Thai friend's friend and we just met on the day of my trip to Pattaya) and show him around the first night and set him up for sightseeing the following day and go separate ways the second night (I have already appointment with another Farang friend).

Sunday 14.06.2015

Take bus 74 from Bon Gai (bus stop on Rama IV road near Soi Ngam Duplee) 14:50 to Victory Monument 15:25 for 9 Baht. Ask at one van station: waiting time is one hour (I guessed so already from large number of customers waiting), but another one a bit further away (Pattayavan near Century the Movie Plaza) is less busy (buy ticket 15:37 for 100 Baht, scheduled departure 15:45, real 15:46). Petrol stop 17:29-44 (always the same petrol station, often there is another van from Pattayavan there already, I don’t get it: the stop lasts 15 minutes and it’s just another 30 minutes to Pattaya). Get off at Tuk-Com 18:12.

Book two nights at Marina Inn (standard room usually 720 Baht, now 600 Baht). They have a large board at reception which shows room occupancy (room number, check-in and check-out date), about 10%.

Cupidol, enter 20:43. Orange juice 160 Baht. Between 10 and 12 boys on stage, in individual underwear and bare feet. Choice of boys ok, but none I would take for free. Music, temperature, light ok. Table too far from seating, have to bend forward to drink. Smoking allowed. One customer when I enter, 3 customers when I leave 21:16.

Toy Boys, enter 21:21. Pineapple juice 200 Baht. 10 Boys and 5 customers, numbers increasing in the course of my stay. Music and light ok, too cold. Boys in white briefs, bare feet. Extensive drink menu (M had ice coffee, saw another customer with hot tea) – many bars have only limited choice (I don’t go to bars for drinking, but when I visit several bars per drink and don’t drink alcohol, some choice would be nice). I would take 42 and 45 for free (and upon leaving there is another outside I would take for free). About 25 boys on or around stage (out of about 30 working) when I leave 22:10.

Nice Boys, enter 22:30. Soft drink 150 Baht. Over 15 boys in shorts or underwear, flip flops or closed shoes. There is birthday party for staff member which does not interrupt bar operation (but there are preparations for a show when I leave). Some dick on display. Two boys I would off: number 5 and another without number (in jeans, shirtless). But a customer has both sitting with him before I can cast a decision. Anyway, I have been chatting on Line with a boy I had before and will get him later. Leave 23:22.

Walk through Walking Street to Bali Hai pier and back.

Boy James (straight) I know from before comes to my room 1:20-2:20. He used to work in beer bar or freelance, now he sells ลูกชิ้น lôok chín (meat balls or fish balls) on Sukhumvit South Pattaya with his mother. Working time is 15-24, he gets 200 to 300 Baht per day. Some days he does not work, goes to karaoke in Soi Bong Kot with friends instead. He does not like working in gay bars. A loss for the gay community, I consider him good looking and talented in bed.

Monday 15.06.2015

Daytime sightseeing and chat with a boy on Hornet, then Line, who wants to meet me for free. After some delay, in my room 19:12-36 (I want to go out to meet friend at 8 pm, and he has other appointment as well). Great body and good in bed, will meet again some time. Not the best timing, to have sex just before going to bars, but will save a lot of money!

Wild West Boys, walk past 20:20. One cute boy fully dressed sitting outside, but doesn’t take notice of me. Another invites me for a free look: five boys on stage in jeans, two cute, one of them Dew (offed him twice before, great body and cute face, but unenthusiastic in bed). But at the prices they charge (250 Baht for drink, 500 off fee), I can stay in Bangkok, and with boys in jeans it’s a no brainer (I should have told them!). For entertainment, take a look at Dew’s guestbook Dew_moonlight 17881717 (newer profile dewmoonlight 21799789 without entries in guestbook).

Dream Boys, enter 20:20. Coke 170 Baht. 12 boys in white briefs or trunks, bare feet. 2 other customers. Cute boys: 6 (but too fat) and 45. More cute boys outside (still fully dressed, one of them I had twice before) when I leave 20:50.

Power Boys, enter 21:10. Coke 135 Baht. Zero customers, 9 boys in individual underwear, bare feet. None of them catches my eye, leave 21:30 (2 customers left).

Nice Boys, enter 21:32. Water 150 Baht. 2 customers and 15 boys. The two cute boys (close to offing) from yesterday are not in, but another boy comes over and says hello and asks if I remember him. I don’t, so I ask for his name and then I vaguely remember: I offed him Nov 2014, but nothing to write home about. One of the cute boys from yesterday comes later, but again in jeans shirtless, not a basis for further activities. Leave 22:02, 2 customers left.

I had no data connection in Nice Boys (both visits, and vaguely remember same problem from before) with my AIS sim-card.

Nice Boys and Power Boys have a high turnover. When I go after one month, boys I pondered to off are not there any more, but there are new boys worth offing. Whereas Eros has many boys who have been working there long time (two of them are my type).

Eros, enter 22:16. Orange juice 100 Baht (Monday special soft drinks 100, usually 115). 11 boys, most sitting with customer (between 2 and 8 during my visit), in shorts, bare feet. A boy I had before several times immediately latches onto me, so I buy him a drink. He gained a lot of weight since we first met (this case is well documented by pictures I took every time I met him):

10.12.2014 25 years / 60 kg / 180 cm:

17.06.2014 (no data, looks even better than the first picture):

10.12.2014 (you can clearly see he is getting fat):

Now 26/65-70/180 (he didn’t know what his weight was exactly), didn't off him, no picture.

Now he is simply too fat for my taste (but still wonderful brown skin and a nice neck), and I told him he has to lose some weight before I consider taking him again. Leave 23:00. When I walk past again 00:25, the bar had just closed.

Sunny Boys, enter 23:02. Pineapple juice 100 Baht. 13 boys and 9 customers. Boys mainly in shorts, 2 in underwear, all bare feet. I would take numbers 2, 15 and 35 for free. Leave 23:30, two customers left.

Been to all 4 remaining gogo bars in Sunee in one night, that’s a first!

Nothing more to do, but I can’t just go to bed, it’s not even midnight! Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Beach Road. Actually I was on my way to Kawaii Boys to chat with a boy I know there, but on Beach Road another boy F whom I know from before intercepts me. (There were several available boys on Beach Road near Boyztown on both nights. Now there are big holes in the pavement due to sand washed out here as well.) I had even written to him on Line when I arrived in Pattaya, but he broke or lost his phone. He is not working, his mother sends him money (I have heard this story a few times, boy not working and mother sends money). Take him with me, sleep (in the original sense of the word) together.

Tuesday 16.06.2015

Alarm clock rings 9:30. I wanted to travel back to Bangkok with M, but a few hugs with F and I’m hard. So I meet M in the hallway at 10 and give him instructions for his return to Bangkok alone. Then back to bed with F. A bit too fat and too pale for my taste (since we first met), but fun in bed and good company out of bed, and couldn’t spot any character flaws the three times we have been together.

Arrive at South Pattaya van station 12:11, van departs 12:15. Pick up more passengers at Bali Hai Pier. Petrol stop 12:54-13:03, arrive at Victory Monument 14:32.

Been to 8 bars on two nights, and didn’t off a single boy, that’s a first! I was looking for the half-African boy I spotted in Soi Twilight last month with a customer who brought him from Toy Boys Pattaya (information from waiter in Classic Boys), but didn’t see him. But I spotted Tor whom I offed in Nov 2014 from Happy Boys and who now works in Sunny Boys (?) sitting with a customer. He seems to be fully booked.

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  1. great report as usual, at least you don't deny you are so picky with all that 'boy too fat" statements. Aren't you getting bruises from hugging all those skeletons you prefer?

  2. What is guestbook and or how do I look those up that you recommended?

    1. You need an account on gayromeo to read the guestbook (where poeple can leave comments about the profile owner). But don't worry, I will post this guestbook soon.

  3. me & my friend just walk straight back out of the gogo bar now whenever we see boys in jeans, who wants to pay extra drink prices to see jeans!! we make sure we are seen leaving & that the staff know why! we dont want this trend catching on i hope you can do the same

    1. I agree completely. If the boys are in Jeans, that's the same as a host bar, so why would I want to pay gogo bar prices for drinks ?

      Gogo bar drinks prices are only justified if there is some nice entertainment on the stage.

  4. I must be pervert because I find half naked boys in jeans very sexy. But agree with anonymous above that we don't want to pay 300 baht for drinks to look at dressed boys -plenty of those on the streets for free look

  5. You and fat... I think you should start saying that the boys are getting normal, not overly skinny anymore :-) And by the way, we are not finished discussing the boys we saw outside Dreamboys. I felt dumb not striking up a conversation...but realized it to late. Did meet some really cute guys later in the evening but went home alone.


    Finally feeling healthy again and back in Thailand Sunday night.


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