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Gay activities in Suphanburi and Ban Pong

Gay activities in Suphanburi and Ban Pong

Thu 28.05.2015 Suphanburi

Arrive in Suphanburi by train (schedule: 20:15, real: 21:18; not recommended, railway station is a bit out of town, but in my quest to ride all trains I had to do it once). Walk from railway station towards town. A mocy passes me slowly, then stops and driver asks me where I’m going (my Thai is better than his English, so all communication in Thai).

I tell him I will look for hotel near bus station and he offers me a free ride. I get on his mocy and he turns around (for U-turn? – before he was driving against traffic direction on the right side). He stops and tells me to get closer to him (so he can keep better balance?) and takes my hand and moves it from his abdomen to his upper thigh (actually to his crotch, but I resist so my hand ends on his upper thigh). Shortly afterwards, he moves my hand to his crotch. He is hard, and to show that I’m not averse to his intentions, I caress his dick and ball through his shorts.

We are still driving into wrong direction, but I do not question. He stays alone, so I fish for an invitation. The ride continues out of town and he asks if I can pay 250 Baht for room. His room, I assume. Sigh. I was looking for free accommodation. But well, cheaper than hotel and free ride to bus station tomorrow, I hope, so I agree.

Then he asks if we can have sex. I couldn’t see much of him when he picked me up, but he is slim and has brown skin, so I agree. Finally I see we are heading to a short time hotel. I ask again if we can go to his place and if I can stay over night: not convenient.

Good room for 250 Baht short time (or 550 over night, but too far out of town for me). Aircon, hot water, nice furniture and decoration. Now I see, he is a bit too old (29, well I had sex with 30 and 31 year olds before, but it’s a rare occasion) and too hairy for my taste, but it’s too late to change my mind.

Shower together, then to bed. He is experienced and skillful, better than anyone else this year, but too old and too hairy, I don’t get hard and excuse myself with being tired from traveling, but I play along.

He drives me back to Suphanburi town, bus station so I can get a hotel. I think about exchanging phone numbers, but it wouldn’t lead anywhere. Ask about gay meeting places in Suphanburi: he doesn’t know any. How did he know I am gay? He didn’t, he just tried! This hook up can be called “inverse grabbing-by-the-balls”.

Then at the hotel, staff member shows me way to my room. If he had asked me if he could do anything else for me, well I would have known what! Unfortunately, I can’t even get our looks to meet.

Fri 29.05.2015 Ban Pong (Ratchaburi province)

My favorite masseur J has not been in Bangkok for over a year (due to lack of money for travel, he tells me), he is in his home town Ban Pong. It’s closer to Suphanburi than to Bangkok, so I decide to stop in Ban Pong for one night so meet him. Appointment was 20:00, finally meet 20:12 after some calls.

He is on a mocy with another cute boy, so I walk back to my hotel and they drive. I wonder why he brought another boy, but invite both to my room. Chat in Thai. He has been unemployed for a long time, spends time at home doing nothing. His friend works massage as well.

He travels to Bangkok the following way: van from Ban Pong to Victory Monument, then taxi (!!!) to Silom. I show him on map that train to Hua Lampong and then MRT or bus is shorter and cheaper, but he finds it too difficult.

The other boy K is in the same business, so we don’t have to send him out (but I still wonder why J brought him). 20:45, after some indecent touching, to show what I have in mind, J tells me he has to leave 21:00 (because he has to return the mocy). When J and I get to business, K lays down on the floor, face to ground.

J has a swollen ankle, so he cannot take off his pants (skinny jeans). Under these conditions (time constraints, pants and underwear down to knees but cannot take off), sex is so-so. I give him 1000 Baht which I consider generous under these circumstances.

Will meet again some day in Photaram (nearby town with more places of interest, and then will hire him to drive me around on mocy during daytime).

After J and K are gone, walk around in central Ban Pong. Around 21:30 people at the river, several cute boys. And the general phenomenon: groups of youth on mocy driving around.

Around 22:00 nothing interesting at the railway station.

Then I spot a group of youth standing around their mocys, so I take a detour to walk past them. As I expect, one of them says hello and invites me for a drink. General chat (sex talk as well) and joking. No stunner in the group, but the cutest boy offers me a ride to my hotel.

I put my arm around his abdomen, he protests. Move it up and tickle his nipple, he protests. Hold the grip on the seat with both hands. The protests were weak, and when saying goodbye the pause is longer than usual. In addition, when we were with the group, he pointed to his crotch and asked if I would like to suck his dick, and produced a wooden Palad Khik (ปลัดขิก, penis shaped Thai amulet and told me to bend over so he could dry-fuck me with it, so I wonder if he was waiting for an invitation to my room.

General note on being passenger on a mocy: I usually put one arm around the driver’s abdomen and hold the grip (on the back of the seat) with the other hand.

General note on groups of Thai youth sitting and drinking: there is always someone who will say hello and invite me, and someone who speaks English. The problem is just to separate the cute boy and get him to my room!

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  1. If the driver is cute, I put both hands around his waist.

    If he is not, both handles on the grab handle.

  2. The grab handle is meant for moving the bike for parking purposes...
    It is not meant for "hanging on to"!
    You never see thais gripping the handle - you see them resting their hands on their thighs... gripping the handle is a sure fire way of hetting a broken shoulder or arm in a crash!
    Or worse still - using your face as a break pad!

    1. I wondered why the handle is in an inconvenient place and of unsuitable geometry to hold on when riding as passenger. Now I know. But I will keep using the handle or put one arm around the driver's waist, I don't feel save with my hands on my knees.

  3. Many boys selling sex on Facebook come from Photharam or Ban Pong. Photharam was also home to two resorts and one bar offering boys for sex (places now closed by police due to drug use and underage sex). I wonder whether there are some hidden places left around there where you still can find boys, it seems the local boys find selling themselves a nice way to earn some money.

    1. this is borderline inquiring for underaged boys

    2. Seems you read more than has been written, too much imagination perhaps ?

  4. From what I have read in the past on this "blog", I would not say that it is too much imagination, since if you look back at blog post in January, Christian talks about going to the Klong Thoey slums in Bangkok, since he heard that there were bars in their where underage sex was available.


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