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Rare fruit: ramontchi and wild almond

Rare fruit: ramontchi and wild almond

Ramontchi (Flacourtia indica)

While the visit to Wat Pleng (see following post) was a disappointment (not abandoned and overgrown by trees any more), a friend discovered a delicious fruit growing there. While I wouldn't eat unknown fruit, he thought if it looks good and tastes good, it can't be bad. I waited until I could ask a passing Thai person for the name and asked if it is edible, then I joined.

Identified with help of book: Plants from the markets of Thailand, Christiane Jacquat, D.K. Bookhouse 1990. Two entries:

Flacourtia Indica Merr., ตะขบป่า, Ta khop paa, ramontchi, governer's plum.

Flacourtia Rukam Zoll. & Mor., ตะขบไทย, Ta khop thai, rukam. 

Update: at night, the leaves fold together and fruit are difficult to spot. Can only harvest during day.

Wild almond (Irvingia malayana)

I have mentioned wild almond Irvingia malayana เม็ดกระบก before:

And now I found that there are twins that look like hearts (above average number of twins in picture):

There is another plant that has heart-shaped fruit (probably  not edible, only for decoration, picture taken at Pari Hat Resort on Koh Si Chang):

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  1. Mm! I bought these "wild almonds" in Pattaya once. 20 บาท. Quite good :)

    1. Hey! I wanna ask in what form u got wild almonds? Fresh or baked? Where in pattaya? How much is it ?

    2. Wild almonds are sold roasted. Bag (see picture) for 20 Baht. But you will have difficulty finding them, I spotted them only a few times in 2 years of traveling.

  2. During recent travels (Sakaew, Sakon Nakhon, Lopburi), I spotted large numbers of ramontchi trees and ate fruit where-ever possible. Trees in bloom with ripe (red) and young (green) fruit, will provide fruit for many more months. Found two in Bangkok: Sukhumvit Soi 48/3 (small passage, over canal, difficult to reach) and Soi Sribampen (in front of closed Budget Hilton Hotel, easy to reach). Surprisingly, neither locals nor rats nor birds seem to eat the fruit, I find them delicious.


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