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Oh my god! (20) Gayromeo guestbooks

Oh my god! (20) Gayromeo guestbooks

It’s a miracle, but most boys don’t know of these guestbooks, hence you can find some pretty nasty stuff in them, or sometimes just the truth (which can encourage or discourage you from entertaining a boy). It’s almost like walking around with “sex tourist” or “prostitute” written on your forehead!

Guestbooks on gayromeo can be a source of annoyance, here some of the worst guestbook spammers (posts slightly edited for brevity):
German-Oak-Special - 15.Dec.2011
Vielen Dank,
für Deinen Besuch auf meinem Profil! Ich wünsche Dir jederzeit viel Glück und alles Gute.

Thanks much,
for your visiting my Profile!
I wish you all times Good Luck and much Fun.

____ __s§§§§§§§§§³³'
___§§§³³...-= -_=_=-
__§³ ....=_=_=--=_-=_ -=
_§³...-_= -_= _-=-= -_= =-_=-_
__= -_= _-=- -_= -_= _-_=-=_-=_=
__._ =-= = -_= -=_=_ -=_== -_-=__==
__-.._= -_= -_= _-=--_=_=_-=_-=_-=-__=--_

Take care everytime and keep out on you!
Kiss, Kiss, Muuahawwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lovley Greatings.
Liebe Grüße.

Bum Bum Sugaray Holly
(The real and only German Oak.)
German-Oak-Special - 12.Apr.2012
Hello my dear friend,
one red Rose for a beautyfull nice Man!

Many thanks for Your visit on my profile again.

I hopes which it you have liked.

__________~¶ÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑ?¶_¶Ñ ¶Ñ¶@ ÑÑgÑѶþ

I wish you from hug all the best and a lot of luck.
Kind regards from Germany sends you.

Holly (German-Oak)

Kiss, Kiss and Muahawwwww ............

P.S.: Soon come to us again visit! You are welcome
any time! ♥
The-Royal-Archer - 29.Jan.2013
Hello my dear friend from Thailand.

Welcome to my profile.To many thanks for your visit.
I hope you have liked it.

I wish you all the best, a lot of luck and success.
If all your dreams may go and wishes in fulfilment.

_____________________@@@@@@@@ @@______
_____ /@@@@@@@@@@@@@@_____________
_____@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@______

The small elephant should bring you luck.
You are welcome erverytime.

Lots of love from Germany send you.

United_Blow_Society - 23.Apr.2015



Well, I like ASCII graphics better than stickers and emoticons!

Gayromeo guestbooks can be a source of information (unfortunately, usually you find just drivel), and even amusing like these (slightly edited: abbreviated names for annonymity, arranged posts in chronological order, but spelling and punctuation retained). On gayromeo, this guestbook could disappear any time, here it is preserved for eternity.
Dew_moonlight (19 years, 174 cm, 49 kg) 17881717

rbc - 31.Oct.2014
Money boy about as sociable as a muslim terroist, kisses like a open mouth seal, has lots of skin scabs on both legs either through drugs, crabs or foot and mouth disease, or aids, about as bright as a 2 watt lightbulb, he is not looking to please any customers for repeat business just interested in the money getting out the door & getting high, there are alot of nicer thai guys working in bars he is not worth it

tm - 05.Nov.2014
What a nasty review by a rejected tourist

rbc - 05.Nov.2014
not nasty honest, everything i wrote either happened or in the case of his skin scabs is a possibility, what u want me to lie in a review of the service he gave, i am 10 years younger than you and muscular fit i am not camp, as camp is acting & we are not born camp drama queens invented it for attention, i would hate to imagine the service he would give to a 50 year old drama queen like your self.

I have been in thailand for 15 years i am fully aware of the wonderful and excellent service thais give & only a very small minority are hopeless, why dont u give dew a try & see what u think, if u like him then u r very easiy pleased, a tell tale sign of what come is in the gogo bar where he works he is totaly disinterested in making eye contact with any customer hates dancing and hates talking to customers ive never seen a gogo boy who at least trys to be polite or interested in his customer in the bar, dew is very jaded with the scene its just not what he likes doing who would, so dont lecture me on my review i am just telling people there r nicer gay thais out there dew is not gay and does not like gays ok
judy garland

rbc - 05.Nov.2014
"by a rejected tourist"
paying for services rendered in a gogo bar is not rejection, its called being dissatisfied with the service i payed for which as a customer i have a right to be, dew is a gogo boy thats where i met & took him home, he is straight this is not a fairytale romance novel you camp faires read all day.

P - 10.Nov.2014
@ rbc
It does not matter whether you are a tourist or have lived in Thailand as resident for a short or long time .. ! In both cases you and I and any other 'farang' are guests in this country and so we should behave like guests and do not comment on Thai boys - no matter how 'bad' they were - in such a derogatory way as you did . . . . !!

FM - 11.Nov.2014
I want to read, what rbc wrote the 31st of october!!! I want to read the truth, because I don't want to meet a boy like him. A guest has to lie??? Never!!! He works for money. We have the right to critisize his service.

rbc - 12.Nov.2014
P - 10.Nov.2014 " In both cases you and I and any other 'farang' are guests in this country and so we should behave like guests and do not comment on Thai boys -"

Dont be so ridiculous, if this was the UK and iwas a rent boy, and foriegners were being critical of my service they have ever right to be & i would not have a problem with that, in thailand i have taken gogo boys home to hotel and the 1st thing he did was start smoking a yabba crack bottle while i sat there in disbelief & asked him to leave i suppose we are not supposed to warn other tourists of boys like that either.

What planet are you on? these boys are not camp drama queens they are men with very thick skin, i have taken another boy home from bangkok gogo bar & he said he could only spare me 20 minutes, i thanked him and said no and asked him to leave, there are alot of comedian gogo boys & drug addicts the drug addicts can get tourists put in jail so please do not lecture if you know anything about thailand you no the law that is everyone is guilty when the police come they dont investigate in thailand they prosecute or want bribe money.

Mr dew the gogo boy has alot of skin scabs that sometimes is a symptom of yabba abuse or amphetimine as it is known in the west, to not warm people of this could get tourists put in jail for along time if the police search dew while he is in the presence of a tourist they will be prosecuted too, alot of boys in pattaya are on yabba in bangkok they eradicated much of it through police raids

rbc - 12.Nov.2014
@P It seems to me the reason hotels & restaurants ask for feedback and comments in thailand is so they can learn & improve there service, if we all took your attitude of not complaining just how will anything improve in life?

Mr dew may learn to give a better service from complaints then he can have repeat business also get wealthy doctors, engineers etc to send remittances from there home countries to support dew when they go home, THAT is called being a professional when you make the customer happy & they reward the GOGO boy bigtime the smart gogo boys can have 7 or 8 customers sending money from overseas.

So your attitude of not complaining neither helps dew or tourists, by the way we are all guests on this planet i am not a guest in thailand i am a humanbeing living here, governments define borders we are all equals & of one race the human race, you may be a guest here i am not.

tm - 12.Nov.2014
1. rbc: i think, it is good, to give your critic here in
the guestbook. i like the true informations
here - good or bad. but the informations
must are to be true. good informations are
good for the Boys, bad are warning for other
farangs. you have right, also farangs can make infor-
mation here in the guestbook - good or bad.

3. P guests in Thailand (farangs) can?t make
critic by thaiboys??? in your Profile i can read,
you look only for serious Boys, not for fakers
and bad Boys!
the Boy dew310 can closed his guestbood.
but the other users can think over that. why
have this Boy closed his guestbook???

BK - 18.Nov.2014
yes, it's legitimate to leave a critical comment in a guestbook if you were not happy.

still,'s also the language that counts.

I never met dew310, but to name a boy "sociable like a muslim terrorist" and "kisses like open mouth seal"...that's absolutely low and respectless.

Regardless how the experience was for you.

rbc - 20.Nov.2014
"sociable like a muslim terrorist" and "kisses like open mouth seal"

So what your saying is slobbering when kissing with saliva dripping every where & no toungue action is more polite than than kissing like a open mouth seal? or maybe in a more capm fairy way i could say oh dear he was not a sweet kisser at all, oh dear....
Sorry i aint camp i talk like a man i dont read mills and boon camp fairytales.

"sociable like a muslim terrorist" i would you define someone who is totally uninterested in conversing in anyway the guy was not a mute, maybe a mercernary would be more apt description, or in a camp way i could say dew was no julie andrews he refused to sing the sound of music or do lady gaga impressions, sorry in live in the real world rudeness is swearing, being brutally frank without swearing or calling ones race or poverty situation is not rude.

Dew is miserable, he would be better doing a job he enjoys, you know no one forces gogo workers to work there are other choices, some thais say they take the easy way out, in the western world we have millions of prostitutes they do it for many reasons either to fund drug habbits, wealthy lifestyles, or just because they cant bear to do a mundane 40 hour a week at a shop or factory.

Just how do you say pretty things about a lousy performance from a gogo boy? if you have bad food in a restaurant do you be specific and say there was a cockroach on my food or say the food was not upto standard, reality frank talking is something that is lacking in this world what with slimy politicians, if we had more people being frank & honest this world would not be so screwed & politically correct.

P - 23.Nov.2014
... for those who cannot read a sentence down to its
end .. I wrote: "we should behave like guests and not comment on Thai boys - no matter how 'bad' they were - >>in such a derogatory way << as you did . .!" It goes without saying that everybody has got the right to complain about bad services and then warn other users here about that person - that's what a guest-book is for !! - but: it's not what you say but the way you say it . . . . !!

rbc - 24.Nov.2014
P - " but: it's not what you say but the way you say it . . . . !!

So what your saying is i should leave feedback in a polite way that conforms to the way your mind has been PC conditioned, instead of saying what i actually want to say, i should say Dew was jaded on the day, Dew was unsociable on the day maybe his fathers buffalo died that weekend, Dew seemed rather depressed i put it down to him watching a teerjerking movie or running out of credit playing cookie run on line earler that day.

I have seen gogo boys talking to numerous customers abroad pretending to cry and asking for money from them, you seem to think there all little camp angels, there skin is thicker than a pineapple, stop lecturing people on how to leave feedback, ever heard of freedom of thought? democracy? if you want people to write they way you think is pretty you need to run for office in north korea, i am not a communist & i am not a PC sheep

rbc - 24.Nov.2014
@ P Dew also refused to shower, in 15 years of living here i never heard that one, twice he said it, needless to say he had a serious body odour problem, 1 his dick was untouchable as it was cheesy & smelled of rank urine, so you rule out dick action, you assume his ass is the same way all you got left is his face. Maybe the scabs on his legs are scabies because he dont like to wash thats for sure, the very basic thing a customer should get is sex worker that is willing to wash.

DB - 06.Jan.2015
thanks for the comments - it's saved many of us hassles and wasted time

for those who are curious why many of the boys behave like this, read the comments from the Thai experts and remember, most of these boys are used to being with tourists who are very easy to fool, or Thai experts who seem to know so little

GT - 06.Jan.2015
This boy could be a very under aged faker. He wants phone sex. Better avoid him I think although I can't be sure since I never met him in real. Just be careful is my advice.

b - 17.Feb.2015
Besides all the comments he asked for a short time visit 1500 bht and not want to negociate.

ChristianPFC - 20.Jun.2015
I met Dew two or three times. All encounters were promising (cute face, great body), but unfortunately little activity in bed, like playing with a dead body.

I did not notice problems with hygiene or skin diseases.

He asked me for 1500 Baht, but I quickly dispelled that: "How long have you been working here?" - "2 years." - "I have been coming here for 5 years, and I always pay 1000 for short time. Good bye!"

At current drink price 250 and off fee 500 in Wild West Boys (where he has been working for about 2 years, before I spotted him in the now closed GUY on Walking Street), I can as well stay in Bangkok.

If you want to admire his wonderful body and cute face or are looking for a passive bottom, he might be perfect for you. If you looking for hugs and cuddles, kisses, foreplay, not so much.
Another guestbook (fully anonymized, profile now deleted, this gem would be lost forever if I hadn't saved it in time*):
(edit) - 16.Oct.2013
(edit) is hot in bed..Erect penis from the start until he
milked out...Would love to have another sex soon

(edit) - 31.Oct.2013
i love this boy

(edit) - 28.Dec.2013
just 18 y old and at least 2 old fucking farang fucked him already so bad for him

quant a l autre pedophile de francais qui a certainemnt baise ce jeune a 17 ou 16 c est 20 ANS de prison ici..... connard de ta race de merde

(My translation: Concerning the other Pedophile from France, who certainly fucked this boy when he was 16 or 17 years old, that would be 20 years of prison here, you piece of shit.)
*That might serve as proof for: posting something on the internet is like releasing a message in a bottle: you can't see it, you can't retrieve it, but it's there and some day someone will find it!

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