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Giant stone Buddha under construction in U-Thong

Giant stone Buddha under construction in U-Thong

Official name: 
สมเด็จพระพุทธปุษยคีรีศรีสุวรรณภูมิ หรือ หลวงพ่ออู่ทอง
Somdet Phra Putta Putsaiya Kiri Sri Suwannaphumi
also called Luang Pho U-Thong,
belonging to Wat Khao Tham Thiam วัดเขาทำเทียม

I learnt of this place from an advertising for a 9 Wat trip (on 05.04.2015 in Suphanburi province by bus) in a public bus in Bangkok, and a Thai friend called the operator to ask where the picture was taken (answer: Wat Khao Tham Thiam วัดเขาทำเทียม).

No information in English, but gives details (carving will be 65 m wide and 84 m tall) and has a picture artist's impression:

Location of the Buddha statue currently being carved:
(The giant Buddha carving will be 200 m south; and 
Wat Khao Tham Thiam is 500 m east.)
Suphanburi province, U-Thong district จ.สุพรรณบุรี อ.อู่ทอง. 
2.1 km by air or 2.8 km by road west of hwy 321 (Malaimaen Road ถนนมาลัยแมน).
Buses from Suphanburi to Kanchanaburi pass on hwy 321.

The site seems to be an abandoned quarry, the Buddha currently under construction is in the middle and will be finished in 2 years.

The giant carving will be left to it (the surroundings match the picture of artist's impression):

There is an area for religious activities which has a model that differs from the artist's impression above:

Pond to feed fish:

further reading: 
(aerial view by drone)

(monk speaks in Thai, engineering equipment)

I will try to go again in a few years.
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except advert in bus and artist's impression

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