Tuesday, 10 June 2014

39 underground sauna update

39 underground sauna update

Sunday, 01.06.2014

Usually I go on Monday or Thursday, their underwear days. Being in the area at the right time and having nothing else to do, I go in on Sunday (naked day).

Arrive 19:20, pay 160 Baht entry. The venue is packed, even steam room and sauna standing space only. I estimate there are about 120 customers, amongst them 3 Farang. When I leave 20:40, it is thinning out, estimate 80 left.

Some observations: It’s difficult for me to get through the bars into the slim up room. The steam room has a window to the reception, if you wipe off the condensed water you can see who is entering. The only sauna I know that has free snacks. The only sauna I know that has a public open shower area (a gay sauna is a place to celebrate male nudity, shower cubicles or shower curtains defeat that purpose). They have a note in Thai in the locker room that says where (arm/leg/left/right) you should wear the locker key to indicate your sexual preference (top/bottom/versatile).

I have written about 39 underground before, everything still valid:

kind of homepage:

Update Oct 2015: there are more saunas with public showers and free snacks in Bangkok.

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  1. I'm quite sure you meant "defeat that purpose", not defend.

  2. I usually go babylon but I like here too. It's different but I like both. Luckily I can enter slim up room, to find sexy bodies and to escape from a pushy chubby that pursued me one time and I didn't like hehehe (I told him no thanks but he kept follow me so...He give up!) I will go again.The downside is music too loud in cruising floor.


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