Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wats in Roi Et town

Wats in Roi Et town

Wat Burapaphiram วัดบูรพาภิราม has Thailand's tallest standing Buddha statue, overall 67.85 m, Buddha statue 58.20 m. Despite it's height, you cannot see it from town center, buildings block the view. Several maps I saw in Roi Et (at bus stations and elsewhere) place it some km east of Roi Et town, but it's right in town. Location

Coming from the main entrance, you get a wrong impression about the height:

You can climb this building (empty) up to the rooftop:

From further away (east), you can appreciate the size of the statue:

Wat Klang Ming Mueang วัดกลางมิงเมือง

interesting building:

mural painting on the outer sided of the wall:

 Sema stones inside the ubosot:

Wat Nuea วัดเหนือ

Buddha statue under construction:

Luuk Nimit not buried under Sema stones:

Brick chedi behind ubosot:

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