Monday, 16 June 2014

Scala cinema in Siam Square

Scala cinema in Siam Square

13.745524,100.531244 = 13°44'43.9"N 100°31'52.5"E

Public transport: about 5 minutes walk from BTS Siam or National Stadium.

Went there with a friend on Fri 13.06.2014 to watch "Maleficent" for just 120 Baht per person. Elsewhere, price on Fri/Sat/Sun would be 160-180-200 Baht (and 140-160 on weekdays except Wednesday which is movie day with tickets just 100 Baht in most cinemas).

I like their art deco interior. Pictures on are better than mine. 

Assigning seats is done by hand on paper:

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  1. where can i find timetable of films shown here please, how did you found out the start times?

  2. The times are written on a board in the cinema. I don't know of online resources (whereas Major Cineplex and others have apps for showtimes). When we arrived we found the movie begins in one hour, so we had lunch before the movie.

  3. Good to know the Scala is still open. I heard 2 years ago it was going to be demolished to build more shopping malls!


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