Sunday, 15 June 2014

books at Chatuchak Market

books at Chatuchak Market

The books between Soi 36 and 37 are easy to find and to remember, right when you step off the MRT Kamphaengpetch. But those around Soi 69 (behind SCB when you come from MRT), I found them by chance in 2009, then lost them, thought they were gone, found them again in 2013, but couldn't remember in 2014. Found it again, direct access from Kamphaengpetch 2 Rd. via gate 1.

Here a map where I marked all places that sell books in red:

further reading:!Chatuchak-map.png
(books in section 1 and 27) (map that lists sections with books; the map that is currently available at information has no listing for books) (but no detailed directions)

A word on prices: You might expect bargains, and certainly some are to be had, but there is one section in particular where they try to charge around 80 % of the RRP for used books. I tried to bargain, to no avail. Keep your stuff!

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