Saturday, 28 June 2014

New room versus old room

New room versus old room

Now, after living in my new room for two months, I can draw some comparisons.

New room rent 8000 Baht per month compared to 3500, but location much better. Before I had to walk 15 min to the nearest bus stop, now it’s only 5 minutes to bus stop and 10 minutes to MRT.

New room is on 3rd floor (ground floor=1st floor), old room was on 5th floor.

Old room had balcony with kitchen. Very useful for eating toast for breakfast and fruit, you keep the breadcrumbs and the food waste on the balcony, out of your room. Now I have everything in my room.

Electricity was 4 Baht per kWh, now it’s 7, combined with higher consumption I now pay 1500 Baht per month, compared to 500 before.

In my old room I had internet 631 Baht per month contract for one year, during the entire time no problems. In my new room, internet is included in the rent. However, there are many problems: it disconnects about once per hour (leaving me a few minutes without internet), much worse when I download films (500 MB to 1 GB), this interruption sometimes stops the download and I have to start again. Already twice in one month, I was without internet on my computer an entire day (but my mobile phone could connect to WiFi). Altogether, I spend several hours per months fiddling with internet problems.

Old room had two shelves in the bathroom, new room has none. I have to store my stuff on the wash basin and on the cover of water reservoir of toilet.

My bathroom is connected to my room via a door. When I switch on the light in the bathroom, the fan goes on and sucks air out of the bathroom. You can feel it when you open the door. This means cold air (aircon) from my room is sucked out of my room and replaced by hot air from somewhere. A waste of energy!

My old room had only cold water, no water heater. That means every stay in a hotel had the added luxury of hot water for showering. My new room has a water heater, but the shower head has a wide opening angle, which means when I just want to wash my body I get water on my head as well. But for my legs, the water is spread over such wide an area that I have to take the shower head to rinse them manually.

My old room was in an area with no thorough traffic, very quiet. Now I live near Sri Bam Pen, which has a lot of traffic and there is no sidewalk! Sometimes when I lie in bed or sit in front of my computer, I have the impression the building is shaking from cars driving past.

My old place had public washing machines for 7, 9 and 11 kg (20, 30, 40 Baht). My new place has only one for 9 kg (30 Baht), but I don’t have that much laundry, I have to collect 2 weeks to fill (to get my money’s worth), which means I am on my last shirt when I do laundry.

Update 26.08.2014
Old room was on top floor, temperature in Summer about 32 C when I came home after work. New room is 2nd of 3 floors, temperature about 29 C when I come home (both cases no aircon during day).

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  1. I know one place named Home@113 Lat Phrao. Room rent about 2900 bath/month. Quality ok, 24/7 security, close to sauna Muffill & The mall Bangkapi. Just 5 minutes to bus stop (near The mall Bangkapi)

  2. I know, you can live elsewhere at a similar standard much cheaper, but I travel in Bangkok and Thailand, so transport is important. Money I would save on rent, I would spend it on transport. Sathorn is a good place to live in for me.

  3. Got it. Just to share with you my expenses living in 1 month in BKK in 2013
    1. Room rent: 2900
    2. Services & electricity: 800
    3. Transport (MRT pass card): 400 bath
    4. Bus: 350 bath (I travelled around BKK by bus, mostly I went to sauna other gay venues)

    Total: 4450

  4. like everywhere in the world it seems that closer to city center you are your accommodation costs are going up


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