Thursday, 12 June 2014

Roi Et province Monday 09.06.2014 return to Bangkok

Roi Et province Monday 09.06.2014

Wat Pa Kung (separate post), Wat Sa Phang Thong (separate post).

Conclusion for this trip: Two amazing temples (Wat Pa Non Sawan and Wat Pa Kung). There is more to see in Roi Et province, I will be back some time. The overall trip (Buriram, Roi Et) a full success.

Return do Bangkok.

Arrive at the bus station about 12:20. There is a bus (Sahaphan tour) with destination Bangkok at the station, and I am curious to try their electrical massage seats. I buy a ticket to Bangkok (410 THB) from the first counter in the station that is labeled “Bangkok”. MISTAKE! I should have gone to the bus and ask when it leaves, or at least compared times for buses to Bangkok at all counters in the station. I get a paper that has no origin and destination and no time and seat number on it and head to the bus. Sorry, wrong bus. The Sahaphan tour bus leaves 13:00, my bus finally arrives and leaves 13:16.

It will stop in several bus stations on the way, have 30 min break in Korat and 20 min break for refueling, finally arriving in Mor Chit 2 at 22:44. That’s 9.5 hours for a trip that can be done in 6 hours with a direct bus.

For future reference: check if there are buses to your destination in the station already, check all counters for departure times.

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