Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hookup on MRT

Hookup on MRT

Saturday 31.05.2014

The vast majority of gay encounters are in gay venues (bars, discos, saunas) or websites (gayromeo, grindr, camfrog). Here the third hookup in normal life, and the first on public transport.

I take MRT to Chatuchak market. When I exit through the gate (where the chip is retained), I see a cute boy coming in. Our paths and our views cross somewhere near the gate. Then he is in and I am out, on different sides of the gate. I continue my way, looking back three times, so does he. Then both of us stop in the open, over 20 m apart. He looked promising when we walked past each other, but I am not absolutely sure, so I hesitate. He slowly walks back, to the handrail that separates area before and after gate. So do I, first reading the advertising and having some furtive glances at him, then saying hello.

Camouflage T-shirt very nice, shorts not my style. Tall and slim, brown skin. No hair on arms, but I can see hair on legs and shaved facial hair.

His level of English is comparable to my Thai, so we switch languages whenever something is not clear in one language. He comes from the market, bought shoes and is on his way back to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24 and has no plans for the evening. He has a smartphone (Nokia with Windows OS, which gives a hint about financial situation). We exchange phone numbers.

I continue my trip to the market. Around 18:30 I am going to leave the market, so I call S where he is and if we can meet. Arrange meeting 8 pm in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24. Take bus to the Mall Bangkapi, walk from Ladprao to Ramkhamhaeng, take another bus, arrive 8:15.

There is a huge market with thousands of people in front of the stadium. I call S to arrange a meeting point, he suggests 7/11 behind Rajamangala Stadium (seen from Ramkhamhaeng road). On my way there, we meet by chance (alternatively, both of us could have erred around for an hour).

I am slightly hungry, so I suggest we have dinner. There is grilled fish with salt behind the stadium, so I order a fish, hoping S would join. But he doesn’t touch it, so I have to eat all of it, wasn’t that full for a long time. In hindsight a waste of time and money (an hour and 330 Baht). But an interesting discovery: the restaurant (in a tent, over 100 seats) is operated by ladyboys (as far as I can tell) in stewardess-like uniforms and with ample makeup. Location: 13.7539317,100.6226555= 13°45'14.2"N 100°37'21.6"E www.facebook.com/racha745

Then I ask to see his room. (Of course checking before if he stays alone or if his room is free.) About 5 minutes walk. Room comparable to mine, but much cheaper.

We sit on the bed, TV is on. I take out my Bangkok bus map to show him where I live now, and by chance (from a recent sauna visit), I have a condom in the same pocket, which I drop deliberately when taking out the map.*

I ask to take a shower (sweaty from a day of walking around) and come back in towel. I am in a very comfortable position: I don’t have to have sex him and I don’t have to have sex now. So I just lie on the bed, close my eyes and wait what happens.

Less than a minute later, he lies down next to me, touches my forehead and my hair. From there on, things take their natural course.

As I could already judge form out encounter in the MRT station, too much body hair. If we had met in a sauna, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point. But I successfully fight my aversion to body hair.

Not a single word about sexual orientation was spoken until both of use were full dressed again. Will meet again some day. There is nothing I can do about the body hair, but I will ask S if he likes underwear play.

*I think I will use this trick more often, take something out of my pocket and drop a condom by doing so. From previous encounters, I know that condoms are prized (I guess straight boys don’t know where to get condoms for free, and by Thai standards condoms are not cheap), so I can use that to steer a conversation in a certain direction and dole out condoms (I get more condoms in saunas than I need).


  1. Christian, I just started reading your blog - I head to Bangkok on Wednesday and had a few questions. I have hunted for it but can't find an explanation of your temperature check - how/why? also, last year I found the boys in Scorpion bar to be gorgeous but the off system was Byzantine - I managed one - did almost nothing but was very cute - what is this place all about?

  2. great story, I'm glad you did not miss a chance. Similar one happened to me in May 2013 in Sala Daeng BTS but I was not brave enough to return back after we exchanged few glances across the barrier

  3. Hi Christian. I am Danny. That's great to read your experience. I have just come home from BKK and your writing helped me a lot. Thank you very much (by the way, the internet cafe is good. Please share of you have info of others else. Thanks

  4. Hey Christian, always happy to read your blog. just change the date in the headline, its irritating, cannot be 31.06.
    all the best

  5. Changed date from 31.06. to 31.05.

    I like warm and dry skin. If boy's skin is wet and/or cold, I cannot have meaningful sex. So I have to touch somewhere somehow during chat.

    There was some hype about Scorpion after I wrote a long post on the forums last year, but with their Byzantine (nice word!) offing system, they can keep all their boys!


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