Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bookshops on Ratchachadamnoen Nok Road

Bookshops on Ratchachadamnoen Nok Road

There is a row of mainly Thai-language bookshops on Ratchachadamnoen Nok Road ถนน ราชดำเนินนอก, around 13.7575157,100.5063965 = 13°45'27.1"N 100°30'23.0"E.

A few hundred meters from Loha Prasat and Wat Saket, over the bridge.

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  1. as you probbaly are not very much interested in Thai books, 2nd hand, old, there is also a kind of nerdy Thai/English bookshop run by a booklover in PraSuman rd, If you come off the boat Saen Saeb, cross over Ratchdmnn, beside the Sirikit Museum, that side, walk about 2-300 mtrs, open ''when we get up''-by 10/11.00, Also kind of coffeeshop. Suffered a lot of no custom with monthes of closed roads due to protests.


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