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Pattaya Sun-Tue 15.-17.06.2014

Pattaya Sun-Tue 15.-17.06.2014

Sunday, 15.06.2014

Ekkamai to North Pattaya 14:35 to 16:50. Song Thaeo in bus station want 30 Baht to Walking Street. Cross North Pattaya Road and take Song Thaeo from there. 16:55-17:00 to Dolphin Roundabout (I still don’t know how to find out whether they will turn to Nakluea or Beach Road). 17:00-17:10 Song Thaeo to Walking Street.

The place I stayed at before in Sunee Plaza has maintenance issues, and on my last trip I have slept with one of their staff, so I have to get a new place to stay. (I can't walk past someone who slept with me for free with a moneyboy in tow.)

Walk past Boutique Hotel (former Howard’s Guesthouse) and inquire for price: 800 Baht per night. (Typed into a calculator, I wonder if use of a calculator for a price is an invitation to haggle.)

A friend recommended Marina Inn, and I like their art nouveau style etched windows. Their website says 720 Baht per night for standard room in low season, same on Agoda. Imagine my positive surprise when I saw a promotion 499 Baht posted at the hotel! (Valid until 02.07.2014.) Rooms are fine for me, might stay there again, even at 720 Baht per night. Drinking water and use of pool included. Didn't see any cockroach in the hotel (for some people this is a big issue). I didn’t know that Marina Inn rooms are above the bars, 2nd and 3rd floor (4th floor is Thai living rooms) from Soi Yensabai to the pool. The room I was shown on 3rd was smoking room (and you could smell it), so I took the room on 2nd floor. You can hear the bars below, but as I usually sleep 1 or 2 am, that’s not a problem. The rooms have no door handle and no latch, so you have to lock them with the key when you leave. (I had a boys staying in bed while I went out and had the key with me, the boy left during my absence and left the door open, as I had planned.)

Interesting view. Aircon heat exchanger, wires, you can almost call these plants a "roof garden" and underwear that was blown away by the wind when hung to dry on upper floors.

Just when I’m ready to go out to meet a friend H, it starts to rain heavily. The owner (?) notices me ogling an umbrella at the reception, and offers it to me. Thank you very much! Have dinner and chat with a H near Boyztown. Then have a look at his room at The Ambiance: nice room, good value for money, but 1100 Baht is far above my budget.

Kawaii 20:20-20:55, 12 boys, pineapple juice 130 Baht. No boy I would off, but 3 I would have sex with for free under favorable circumstances. Individual underwear.

New Lucky 7 (re-opend a few days ago after being closed for months) 21:00-21:50, 14 boys, orange juice 160 Baht. There were some boys that I could off, but nothing convincing. Individual underwear.

Wild West Boys 21:55-23:35, between 6 and 10 boys on stage, orange juice 220 Baht (actually the menu just said “fruit juice” and I asked staff what kind of fruit juice they have. Spending the whole evening on orange or pineapple juice quickly becomes boring. That question was too much for him, he went away with the menu and came back with a glass of orange juice). Show starts 22:30 and ends 23:15. Two boys are in jeans, others in individual underwear.

Actually I hadn’t planned to go to Wild West Boys, as there is a boy K whom I offed before, and if I go I would probably off him again, but I can do so without going in and buying a drink. But H told me there are several cute boys, and he was right! Nonetheless I ended up with K (500 Baht off fee because he works in show, 1000 Baht short time tip).

They are trying to rise tips to 1500 for short time and 2000 for long time at WWB, but not with me! No discussion with K (who is into me); but with another boy D some months ago, I had to do some talking to convince him that 1000 Baht is the going rate for short time. My killer argument is that I have been coming to Pattaya for 4 years and always paid 1000 for short time, and he has been here for less than a year, so I must know better. Furthermore, H told me that there is declining service quality with D. I had D only once and service was poor, but it might have been a poor day for him. Now I know that there is not more to expect should I off him again.

Take K to my room. He can’t stay overnight, has to go back to bar (or works at another venue?). Too early to go to bed, so I venture out again.

Go to Gurke bar and guesthouse, apple juice 60 Baht for me and whisky (?) 110 Baht for friend. M (who works there and went with me when I stayed there last time) is still there, and is all over me, and wants to go with me again. I just had K from WWB, so I tell him I am tired, but he can stay with me overnight and we see what happens in the morning.

A month ago, M went with me and two hours after leaving wrote a message on line “Can you give me 1000 Baht before you go back to Bangkok?” When I read this message after waking up, I was already on my way to the bus station. He did not remember that money request. Experimental proof that Thai memory is not selective (Over five years, I have lent several thousand Bath to various Thai and even Farang, and got only a few hundred back.)

Monday 16.06.2014

We wake up about 6 am and do what adults do when they like each other. After that, back to sleep. Wake up around 11:30. Prepare to leave to meet a friend at 1 pm. M wants to sleep and asks me to give him 500 Baht.

Walk to Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Meet Spike (owner of blog, whose sense of humor I appreciate, and his photography isn’t bad either, definitely better than mine) for a chat and drink.

Walk back on the beach. Low tide, there is a lot of rubbish on the beach,  among it broken glass.

Somewhere between getting up and that meeting, I start feeling unwell (I had mild diarrhea after getting up and before eating breakfast/lunch, so it wasn’t breakfast/lunch, and it wasn’t the dinner I had with H because H is still fine, it can only be grilled chicken heart and liver and sticky rice or something else not food related. I felt unwell in a similar way two weeks ago, again with now idea why.)

Cancel a planned run on the hill and rest in my room instead 15:30 to 16:50. Light fever. But overall not so bad that I can’t go downstairs and get a haircut at the corner Sunee/Yensabai, where I spotted and made eye contact with a cute hairdresser last month. We chat and indicate mutual sexual interest (but I have no idea when I can fit him in.) Haircut 17:00 to 17:30, then back to my room and rest 17:30 to 20:00. Now I feel considerably better, so I can go out (that leaves the question: is responsible to go out if you are ill and don’t know if it’s contagious?).

Eros 20:15-21:30, 16 boys, orange juice 115 Baht. Several boys who are my type, amongst them T whom I offed in December and who was in his home province for rice farming and returned a few days ago. But I leave alone. Boys in yellow boxer shorts.

Gurke 21:40-00:15 I walk past and am greeted and dragged in by a boy I don’t recognize from before. I wonder where M is. Minutes later, I realize that boy is M, he just has a new haircut and wears different clothes and fashion glasses. What a luck, I didn’t say anything wrong!

When I leave 00:15, there are 5 cute boys (staff and freelance) at Gurke, 3 of which I know closer. Some of them took off their shirts (but cold and wet skin for those I touched) and good atmosphere, but too much shrieking.

On my way back, I walk past Eros which has just closed. T is sitting outside and hugs and kisses me, so I invite him to my room. I can smell that he had several alcoholic drinks (same when we first met), when I ask him he tells me doesn’t like to drink that much alcohol, but customers buy him alcoholic drinks (this bar live, with daily alcoholic or sugary drinks, can’t be good for their health).

Tuesday 17.06.2014

Get up and check out. Feel fine today. Song Thaeo to Jomtien, walk along the beach. Not much activity. Low tide, I have never that many seashells there. People digging for edible seashells.

They put a fence around the holes in the sidewalk between Jomtien Complex and Thappraya road.

Some of these holes have armoring iron like spikes, making them look like pit falls. Falling down these holes could be deadly. (Can't find a picture I took over a year ago, where you can see it without plants growing in the hole.) 

Picture from the internet to illustrate my point:

Return to Bangkok.

General observations:

On this trip, I didn’t turn on gayromeo or grindr, I know so many boys that I can’t entertain all of them.

Problems with my right arm and hand (from using mouse when working on computer) are gone after two days without computer.

I am not interested in the current football world cup and it did not interfere with my holiday plans.

All bars I went to were well staffed with boys, but could need more customers.


Sunday 15.06.2014 total 3423

(bus line 46 free)
20 sandwich at Ekkamai bus station
124 bus to Pattaya
10 song thaeo to Dolphin roundabout 
10 song thaeo to Walking street
499 room at Marina Inn
320 pizza 95 drink 5 tip
130 drink Kawaii 20 tip
160 drink New Lucky 7 20 tip
220 drink Wild West Boys
100 tip boy M
500 off boy 1000 tip short time K
30 snack
60 drink Gurke 110 drink for boy 10 tip

Monday 16.06.2014 total 2589
499 room at Marina Inn
500 tip for boy
50 lunch
(drink invitation in Central Festival Pattaya Beach)
150 haircut
115 drink 5 tip Eros
60 apple juice for me 110 whisky (?) for boy Gurke
100 tip boy M
1000 tip boy T

Tuesday 17.06.2014 total 237
40 lunch
10 song thaeo to Jomtien
134 bus to airport
25 van to On Nut BTS
8 bus 46 to Klong Toey
20 food shopping

Total 6249 for 3 days / 2 nights.

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  1. Another great trip report from you. I like your standards - not passing with money boy in front of somebody you enjoyed for free.
    Feeling unwell - yes it could be contagious / stomach flu /, one never knows.

    I think you are first one to report from Lucky 7 after re-opening and it sounds good so we wish them well

  2. Marina hotel is rough. They may not have cockroaches but they sometimes have long nasty centipedes (da cahb) don't want to be bitten by one of these guys.
    Thanks for the report...very detailed.

  3. great report like the expense details best, my friend pays 800bt short term & has no problems

  4. Thanks for your candid report.
    Isnt it quite costly to spend THB 6000 for such a short trip?
    Noticed that you skimp on everything except "fun and bar-hopping"...

    For a similar deal like the Marina, have you tried the Sawadee group of hotels?
    Breakfast may be included?

  5. Others spend 6000 in a day, or just a night out. I don't know the Sawadee group of hotel, but Marina Inn is fine for me.


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