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Museum of Siam "Beyond Silk"

Museum of Siam "Beyond Silk"

There is an exhibition "Beyond Silk" on the premises of the Museum of Siam, 14 Feb - 29 Jun 2014. Went there on 03.06.2014. Free entry to the exhibition, and free entry to the museum from 4-6 pm (at the time of writing this article).

There is a small book shop and cafe opposite the entrance of the museum on Maharat road:

The exhibition "beyond silk" is mainly about finished silk products

Musical instruments with silk strings:

There is a garden/park on the premises. 

It has an educational part with information about spices and dyes made from plants:

The domes contain spice samples, you can poke your head in and smell the spice and read information in Thai and English:

Main entrance of museum:

In a triangle between Thanon Maharat, Setthakan alley and Sanam Chai Road. Several entrances. About 200 m south of Wat Pho or 500 m west of Saphan Phut bridge/park/market/pier. Closest pier is Rachinee (about 200 m walk). When coming from Saphan Phut, you will walk past the flower market.

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