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Bangkok Bus Guide

Bangkok Bus Guide

Bangkok Bus Guide (thinknet 2010 and 2013, 99 Baht) 

I bought this map in 2011 and it has served me very well over the years. I carry it with me most of the time when I am in Thailand, it has accompanied and served me well for about 500 days now. Despite daily use still in good condition. I use it extensively for general navigation as well.

There are two other bus maps for Bangkok I know of (and have one at home), and there is one free map I know of that has bus lines but this one is clearly my favorite. It starts with the size: about postcard size, fits easily into my pocket. Good material, tear and water proof. Useful scale, central Bangkok 1:18,000 and greater Bangkok 1:80,000. Bilingual English Thai.

Changes between the 2010 and 2013 edition:
Mega Bangna has been added, BTS extension was dotted “under construction” in 2010 edition

Things I would change: scale 1:20,000 instead of 1:18,000, “Embassy of Chaina”, "Mejor Cineplex" (Phetkasem near Soi 69), "Peolo Memorial Hospital" -> Paolo (Samut Prakan, Srinakrin Road), do line 2 and 60 really run along Atsadaeng?, add Sukhumvit Soi 4-12 on the map (there is enough space), add bus terminal at Government Center Chaengwattana (line 66, 166, 505 and others), add pier numbers for Chayo Phraya and Saen Sap boats.

Lak Si train station is in wrong location, Soi Ladprao 71 is labelled as 71 and as 101 (101 is elsewhere).

update 28may2017:
Chao Phraya boat line ends at S3 pier in the map. While S4 pier is off the 1:18,000 map, there should be an indication that the line continues. "The Mall" should have the full name where there is space on the map, e.g. The Mall Tha Phra. 

update 5jul2017: Robinson Samut Prakarn is not in map 

Available in most bookstores and many 7/11. It has saved me ten thousands of Baht by taking bus instead of taxi.

Picture of current edition (2nd) from their website:

(first edition looks the same, but in red) 

update 23sep2017: bus 556 Victory Monument - Democracy Monument - Wat Rai Khing is missing, 
Asiatique is missing (opened in 2012 so cannot be in 2010 edition, but check if it's in post-2012 editions)

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  1. Christian around what time are the last weekday evening buses from lumpiNi tower to your park or khao San road general area? Which buses leave late?
    Thank you

  2. For such a question I would use this website (instead of following bus routes manually on the map to check if the run between these two points):

    (Answer: 47 is the only direct line)

    Additional information: the bus stop near Lumpini Tower / Soi Ngamduplee is called Bon Gai บ่อนไก่ (because there once was a cockfighting stadium)

    1. Just found that 507 goes that route as well, but was not shown on the website.

  3. From that website:

    Bangkok Bus Daily Operating Hours 5 am - 11 pm
    Night buses run 24 hours per day

    But at night frequency might be reduced. ChristianPFC

  4. 47 does not run nighttime-and is now dieverted via satorn-due to mob, also near MBK.
    Note that this YELLOW busmap should be bought-the old one is red and is wrong on more points,.
    The WEBsite is OUT of DATE-based on data from about 2002-and also omits many busroutes nrd. between 101-207. Thus its routefinder will not show direct routes-or still show routes that have been cancelled long ago.
    Another nicety to catch the ignorant farang is that on many routes there are govt. buses and ''rot ruam=private'' and these may have slightly or wholly different routes. Rot ruam have a tendency to cut short at outer ends.

  5. I still use the old red bus map. On which other points is it wrong? I am not aware of these "rot ruam = private" buses.

  6. I have been on a bus several times, to find out that it does not go to the end of line, conductor and fare collector tell everyone to get out at the last stop they serve. Sometimes sign in front window has the name of that last stop they serve (then at least I know upon boarding or let that bus pass and take another one), sometimes not. Happens about 1 out of 10 bus rides. Example bus 46 does not go to Rong Mueang, last stop is Wat Hua Lampong. This can be slightly annoying.

    Line 356 is marked on Vipawadi Rangsit and Pahonyothin, I think it goes only on Pahonyothin.


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