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Haunted old bus garage Soi Sai Yud

Haunted old bus garage Soi Sai Yud (Saturday 28.12.2013)

I learned about this place in bangkokbois’ blog:

But there was no further information available in English on the internet. Here is what I commented on that article:

ChristianPFC said: October 27, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Soi Sai Yud? Sounds familiar, and indeed, I have been in that Soi (Phahonyothin Soi 48) twice, a friend lives there. I was wondering about the name, it means “end of line”, now it makes sense.

If you google ซอยสายหยุด อู่รถเมล์เก่า (Soi Sai Yud old bus garage), you get some information (and other websites about haunted places in Bangkok turn up).

That soi is a long one, with many intersections, so further information would be needed to find the garage. I will search in the internet (in Thai) or ask locals next time I go there and report back.

Googling in Thai gave more hits, but still no exact location. When I was in the area for sightseeing (more to be posted), I asked people at the entrance of Pahonyothin Soi 48 for อู่รถเมลล์เก่า (old bus garage). They have heard about the place, but couldn’t give directions (too far away, as I should learn later). Finally I asked mocy taxi drivers (my original intention was to walk there). The place is better known as ศาลเจ้าพ่อเสือ (Tiger shrine) because there is a Tiger shrine next to it. Mocy ride cost 30 Baht and distance is about 2.5 km from Pahonyothin Soi 48 or 1.9 km from Ramintra Soi 5 (calculated by google maps).

Location on google maps:,100.619267&hl=en&ll=13.875246,100.620089&spn=0.005864,0.010568&sll=13.875231,100.620083&sspn=0.002932,0.005284&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=18&t=m&z=17

(pictures in google street view were taken during a period with much less foliage, allowing a better view from the street)

Unless you have a special interest in this subject, it’s not worth travelling far. The gates are closed (but not locked). There was a shop selling stuff on the premises, so I asked the lady working there if I could go in. No problem. I asked if there are dogs around, she said yes but they don’t bite. I didn’t see any dog. She didn’t seem to be afraid of the place, I learned that there are spirits (วิญญาณ) and not ghosts (ผี) in this place, but local people are not afraid to enter.

สถานีเก็บรถของกลางบชน (ask Thai friend for translation)

Tiger shrine at the corner Pahonyothin 48 / Ramintra 5

View back into Pahonyothin 48:

 Tiger shrine at the corner Pahonyothin 48 / Ramintra 5

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  1. I'd be afraid of snakes in such a place

  2. I usually go in flip flops, so I watch out for animals on the ground (snakes, scorpions, spiders) and don't go where I can't see the ground.

  3. I think this is by now nearly all gone-they are building some new road there.
    More interesting for you might be evenings at the side of the nearby bang Khen roundabout. after which is some army/airforce housing KeHa, isn some minipark.
    It might be the old garage of the private SaiMai-bus comp.

  4. just by chance I saw a book yesterday Bangkok Bizar-and it had a list of haunted places (by ghost-Halloween upcoimng)- maybe on, and it said this was one of 10, as ghosts were assumed to be there, as before it was a place where wrecked buses after accidents were parked for due investigation.


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