Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 G-Star Paradise

Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 G-Star Paradise

Saturday 11.01.2014

A friend Toto ask if I want to join him and his friends at G-Star Paradise. There is a school uniform party. Sure! Toto knew of this event from a friend.

G-Star seems to have three venues: G-Star Paradise in Ramkhamhaeng 89/2, G-Star Pavilion in Ratchada (exact location unknown to me, actually I thought we would go to this place, which would close this gap in education), G-Star Vintage in Chiang Mai.

G-Star Paradise in Ramkhamhaeng 89/2:

I arrive at his place 22:10. We have dinner with his friends, he pays. One of his friends is a ladyboy and works in Nana and is currently off with a customer but will join later (he shows me their conversation on Line). Very interesting, maybe I can gather more information!

A general remark on names: My friend’s name is Toto, he has friends with name Poppy and Franky. Toto, Poppy, Franky. Does that sound manly? No! They vary between gay bottom to ladyboy. Finally, I can guess from the name what they are.

Then we take taxi to Ramkhamhaeng 89/2. He pays. (This is starting good. Finally a boy who does not subscribe to “Farang pays everything”). Wait at the food court for more of his friends. At the end, we are about 10. At the food court there are two cats, which are the loveliest I have met in Bangkok. I remember them from my last visit, so I go to play with them.

Pre-disco gathering at the foodcourt:

We enter G-Star Paradise about 23:30. It is at about 50% capacity. The boys start dancing on the stage, there is no show in G-Star this night. Music level is ok in the beginning, but then gets too loud, I need my earplugs. Dancing and drinking is not very interesting for me, so I make regular rounds to other venues and to the food court (cats) to check what’s going on elsewhere. I get many friendly/interested looks from other customers (never got this when I went alone).

Here some moments in time (not durations, past midnight, i.e. 12.01.2014):
1:00 am coyote boys in Door Dum
1:15 am no more coyote boys in Door Dum
1:20 am coyote boys in Singapore (5, the same as usually)
1:40 am no more coyote boys in Singapore
2:20 am coyote boys in Door Dum (8, different from those in Singapore)
2:28 am no more coyote boys in Door Dum

Singapore (former ICK) open, Door Dum open, Harlem closed but seems to open at 3 or 4 am when other bars close, Meeting / High closed.

Gaya Sauna changed its name to hijack sauna www.hijack.com

On my rounds, I come across the open (about 30 cm, enough for a peek and to sneak in) back door of a gambling den. On the front, it has photos of football players. There is a similar venue in my area, which looks the same from outside. Anyway, I sneak in through the back door and nobody cares. There is a buffet and a gambling table where you put money (plenty of 20 and 100 Baht) on fields on a table and someone throws dice (3 dices). It’s quite crowded around the table. I can’t see the attraction of gambling, but this place seems to be busy the entire night.

Part of our group stands around the table, part dances. Nobody is trying to get me to drink alcohol (which is usually the case). Everyone has fun dancing and drinking (except me, it’s more a research mission and making contacts). They get drunk to a comfortable level (perfect warm skin, can still walk and talk normally). Near closing time, the bill is presented and Toto asks me to contribute 500 Baht (very reasonable!). The floor looks like a battlefield:

How to label your glass with straws:

Our group gathers outside at the food court. I am in the comfortable situation that I don’t have to have sex tonight, so I leave it to Toto if and where. Now (closing time, people gather outside) is the most critical time of the night. One could skip the disco (I am not interested in dancing or drinking) and just come and hang around the food court between 3 and 4 am to make contacts. However I am in company, so I cannot roam around.

There were about 10 cute boys scattered over all venues (with total number of customers estimated about 500 for all venues combined). However if I had to choose between a boy and the cats, I would choose the cats.

Our group takes two taxis back to Totos place. Second dinner. Toto pays taxi and dinner. Then he accompanies me to the road to hail a taxi for me and we say goodbye. Until now it was not clear if we would go to a room (with common confusion between “my room” and “your room”). I am back in my room 5 am.


  1. Chistian-do you know which bar Harlem replaces?

  2. I think there was no bar where Harlem is now, i.e. it doesn't replay any other bar.


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