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Nong Nooch tropical garden 18.01.2014

Nong Nooch tropical garden 18.01.2014

I went first time in June 2010, paying 800 Baht for a return trip by taxi. Due to unavailability of public transport, and inability to plan one day in advance to make use of their pick-up service, I didn’t go again. But now I have a friend with a motorbike, so he can drive us!

I asked for cheap ways to get there in these posts:
and finally got there with a friend on his motorbike.

They have a Bangkok office in Siam Square (Scala Cinema) and one in Pattaya whose location is unknown to me. My idea would be to go to their Pattaya office on short notice decision to visit the park (it always depends on what time I get up and who I am with) and join the next trip. But with my friend’s motorbike we are completely independent (don’t have to adhere to a schedule and waste time waiting for pick up of other passengers).

Driving time about 40 minutes from South Pattaya. One could take a white Baht bus along Sukhumvit, but from Sukhumvit it’s about 2 km to the park.

Entry 500 Baht for tourists, but I got in at 250 (Thai price) because I work in Thailand.

We spend about 1 pm to 6 pm there. A lot of walking around, interrupted by show (about 1 hour) and lunch. One would need at least 8 hours to see everything, we had to leave out part of it because my friend got tired from walking and after 6 pm it gets dark and people leave and shops close.

Pictures (roughly in chronological order):

You can feed these chicken, geese and turkeys (?):

Picture with Tiger for 100 Baht. (ChristianPFC disapproves of this, as far as he knows the tigers are drugged and yet accidents happen regularly. Same applies to other wild animals.)

I think this sign means "Danger! Birds shitting!":

Cultural show and Elephant show are included, both are packed.

Elephant show (Elephants playing football, basketball, dart, riding a bicycle, posing with customers for 100 Baht, painting a T-shirt, massage by Elephant).

Aquariums with fish around the restaurant:

Four towers:


Cactus garden:

Car garden:

Ant tower:

Ant tower seen from observation tower:

Pottery garden:

Orchid and Bromelia garden:


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