Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2d: return to Bangkok)

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2d: return to Bangkok)

There are two train stations in CCS. Chachoengsao Junction is the main train station, in walking distance to the bus station. Paed Riew is a bit more central, but consists only of two benches with a roof and a sign with the name. I didn’t see anyone at that station.

Ticket to Hua Lampong is 13 Baht (thirteen!). When I see the train coming into the station, it doesn’t look that I will be getting a seat. I am correct. I have to spend most of the trip standing. Positive thinking: instead of getting angry for not getting a seat, I congratulate myself to my acumen to assess the situation correctly before the train even reached the station. Schedule is 15:34 to 17:15, reality is 15:38 to 17:25, the most punctual train I remember in Thailand. This train is not on the timetable distributed in Hua Lampong, nor did I find it on timetables on the internet.

There are some interesting sites left in CCS (I didn’t know about them before my trip), and I want to meet the Camfrog boy and the Grindr boy. If time permits, I will go back for another weekend.

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