Thursday, 16 January 2014

Saranrom Sunday 12.01.2014

Saranrom Sunday 12.01.2014

(The day before Bangkok Shutdown Monday January 13th 2014)

Due to political protests, traveling by bus takes longer (over 1 hour) and the bus 524 does not go to the end of line, but stops in Thewet so I have to walk the last kilometer. But I could help two backpacker who were travelling to Khao San and were clueless about Bangkok geography.

In Khao San everything as usual, but 500 meter further, at Ratchadamnoern and Sanamluang, roads blocked and full of demonstrators. Towards the night market Klong Lot everything as usual.

Arrive at the street trade area 22:35. Road in front of ministry of interior still blocked, no activity in that area. On my first round I see about 20 boys (how do they get there and back?), among them one I had before and would take again. When I am back at his spot, the entire group is gone. So I continue and see a very dark skinned boy with an exotic look. I engage him in conversation and ask if he wants to go with me. Handshake to check skin temperature: ok.

On our walk to a short time hotel in the area I gather the following information: he works as a painter (for walls, houses), working time 8-5, wage 300 Baht per day. His mother is from Pakistan (hence the exotic look) and he is Muslim (and circumcised as I should later find out). I have seen two circumcised dicks and four dicks with mooks in my life. He likes girls, but has no girlfriend at the moment. He prefers to be top than being bottom.

He might well have the biggest balls I ever had in my hands, and his dick is above average, but he didn’t get hard. The nipple play he performs on me is the best I remember. We spend half an hour in the hotel room. He has a cough (and went to see a doctor already), so I tip him 100 Baht more (in addition to 500) to buy medicine. Altogether, a pleasant experience, might go with him again. Exchange phone numbers. Very brown skin, slim to muscular, no tattoos, body hair ok, skin temperature ok.

(Update: got a cold from Tuesday on, I might have gotten it from him! But there are worse things you can get from moneyboys.)

Once again Saranrom saved my day! You can say that every visit to Saranrom brings something new, but the lack of activity (even this case with nipple play) with straight boys gets boring. Even in time of political unrest, Saranrom does not disappoint.

There are no buses in my direction from Saranrom, so I have to take a taxi home, after walking the market and having second dinner.

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  1. just for the record: on that day was the last day of the Rattanakosindr festival-closing off Pra Athit rd-so the bus could not turn, as the mobs closed off the other roads. This was every weekend from half dec.


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