Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pattaya weekend 17.-19.01.2014

Pattaya weekend 17.-19.01.2014

Friday, 17.01.2014

With Victory Monument being blocked by protesters and long waiting times at Suvarnabhumi bus station (buses leave each full hour), I tried another way to get to Pattaya: Mor Chit 2 bus station.

Usually there is no direct bus from where I live to Mor Chit 2, but with Chatuchak / Mor Chit being blocked by protesters, bus 29 takes a detour and drives past Mor Chit 2. It is huge, and I have never been in the bus station before, I will go back some time to take a closer look without haste.

16:48 arrive at Mor Chit 2 (there are operators for vans to Pattaya directly at the bus stop, I don’t know if this is permanent or temporary because they can’t work at Victory Monument now), enter main building, buy ticket to Pattaya (133 Baht, big bus 9905, schedule 17:00),

17:06 bus leaves (goes directly onto tollway; whereas buses from Ekkamai have to go through Sukhumvit traffic),

19:12 arrive north Pattaya bus station,
19:18 baht bus to Walking street 30 Baht (Thai passengers were asked for 30 Baht in Thai, so is the normal fare and no rip off – I have been asked for 50 Baht to Sunee years ago, with drop off at VC hotel)
19:40 get off at Boyztown

Stroll through Boyztown: bars not open yet (shortly before opening can give interesting insights). It’s dinner time, I am hungry, so I stay there and meet a Farang friend for dinner. Afterwards another stroll through Boyztown and walk to Sunee to check into guesthouse.

My friend T (meeting arranged a few days before, all conversation in Thai) comes almost on time. I am tired, so we go to bed after one drink in the bar. None of us is horny, so we leave it to tomorrow.

Saturday 18.01.2014

I sleep in underwear under the blanket, T sleeps in underwear on the blanket (that would be too cold for me). T gets up at 8:30 and tells me he will go shopping and will be back 9:30. I leave the door unlocked so I don’t have to get up when he returns. Indeed, 9:30 he is back and sits at the table to play with his iPad for about one hour before joining me in bed. I cum, T is hard but doesn’t cum, he tells me we can do tonight. That puts me in an awkward position: I have another boy scheduled for tonight and have to find the right place and time to let T know that I’m not free tonight.

We have lunch and go to Nong Nooch tropical garden on his motorbike as discussed before. Details in separate post. My landlord has a collection of safety helmets for his guests free to use! We spend about 6 hours at Nong Nooch, T gets tired. I can walk for hours, actually the entire day, without getting tired. So this is the chance to get T tired so we can drop the subject of meeting again tonight. I ask him what he will do upon return: laundry. (I was expecting “sleeping”). He liked Nong Nooch (taking pictures and immediately posting them on facebook).

This second visit was almost as magnificent as the first visit (when I had a Thai friend with me, and got a glimpse of his underwear during day, and my hands on and in his underwear upon return).

Upon return, I tell T that I will back in February and we can meet on my next visit to Pattaya. This is accepted. So I call the boy K for tonight, he is ready and I pick him up after dinner. We go to cinema (Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit), have a walk on Beach Road and Walking Street and a drink in Sunee before going to bed.

My usual late night snack (or second dinner, I need two meals at night) in Pattaya is chicken heart + chicken liver + grilled sticky rice (altogether 30 Baht). It’s ubiquitous in Pattaya, but I rarely see it in Bangkok. Does all chicken heart go to Pattaya? One skewer has five chicken heart, so if I eat one skewer, someone else somewhere else has to eat the rest of the chicken.

I asked to see his ID card. He borrowed an ID card from a Thai friend. I ask for his passport (he is Cambodian), he says he doesn’t have a passport (last time we met I saw his passport). As far as I understood (conversation in Thai only), he entered Thailand illegally at a cost of 2200 Baht in a group of Burmese (but he is Cambodian! It all doesn’t make sense).

Sunday 19.01.2014

Get up and have another round of horizontal dancing. Then say goodbye. Baht-bus to Jomtien, bus 389 to the airport.

This visit, I couldn’t visit any bar because I arranged meetings in advance. I will catch up on bars in February. I miss ogling at boys in underwear. I didn’t even switch on Grindr or Gayromeo on my mobile, no time for other boys!

With my Thai friends (as well as other nationalities form South-East Asia), there is not much to talk about (partially due to my deficiencies in Thai). Most of the time, we spend silent. Whereas with Farang friends, it’s a flood of words, to the extent of interrupting each other.

When I’m with a boy, I still ogle at other boys, but it’s a zero sum game. Another boy might have browner skin, a haircut I like more, underwear I like more, but overall he no less or more cute than the boy I am with. It’s just the hunt to get my hands and lips where they have never been before.

I am somewhat at a dead end: everything is as I always dreamt (I have a pool of boys of which I can choose whom to spend the day and the night with), and still I’m not happy.


  1. Two thoughts: 1. Maybe nobody is really happy anyway and you should just be satisfied with the really enviable life you have managed to create for yourself. 2. Maybe the key is love - to love yourself and if you are lucky to meet other people that you can love.

  2. Christian , if you are still not happy may be you should switch from water to whisky,
    great new reports , thank you

  3. I think I need a few weeks away so I can appreciate the fact that boys are just a phone call away, instead of finding it boring.

    And I have to go to some bars next time to cater for my underwear fetish.


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