Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2e: back in Bangkok)

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2e: back in to Bangkok) 

Back in Bangkok

In Hua Lampong, I walk around. A friend finds boys there, but I don’t see any boy who looks available.

An old friend works in massage in Saphan Kwai. This is the occasion to go to see him. Time and place fits perfectly, and I could do with a massage. I call him: he is not at work today, he is traveling in Thailand with a friend. Do you remember what I said earlier (September 2013) about evil forces in the universe preventing me from getting laid?

I got an idea for future trips: from Hua Lampong to my room (for shower, change and get rid of my luggage) and back to central Bangkok, it takes about 3 hours. If I take a hotel in the area, I could save over two hours and bring a boy from Soi Twilight back there. That’s what I’m going to do next time. (End of January 2013, I had chosen a boy in Classic, but he was new to Bkk and did not want to go to my place, too far away. And I did not want to pay for short time hotel room in Silom area, so we parted without doing business. Evil forces in the universe.)

On the train to Hua Lampong and the train to Lak Si, I talked to two cute boys. My largest barrier is thinking that a boy is not interested, because he doesn’t pay attention to me (whereas I look at boys who are cute). Their largest barrier must be thinking that a Farang does not speak Thai?

I take the train to Lak Si and walk along the slum to my room. A motorcycle driver whom I pass every day on my way to work and back (always smiling at me, we exchanged a few sentences as well) lives there and offers to take me to my place. He uses this occasion to ask me about my life in Thailand, and about the boys who go in and out at my place. He might be gay and interested in me. I ask how much the trip costs. It is free! I take out my wallet and hand him 20 Baht (regular fare would have been 15 Baht, my estimation), he refuses to take it. Should I have forced the money on him? If yes, how?

Shower, change, back to Silom by taxi to meet a friend. After dinner, we separate and I want to see my regular in Super A again. Unfortunately, he doesn’t work there any more, he has a normal job now. I don’t have any contact information. Evil forces in the universe? With my success rate with moneyboys of 10% (i.e. only 1 out of 10 boys I take from bars or Saranrom is so good that I want to take him again, the other 9 are duds), it cost me over 10k Baht and over 40 hours to find this gem, so I have to hunt him down and see if he is willing to meet me again.

I ask staff outside the bar. They are in contact with him via facebook, but couldn’t find his homepage (facebook on my mobile phone). I will ask again when I am in the area. That was an act of goodwill, trying to bring us together for mutual benefit. I tip both of them 100 Baht each. One of the rare times that I tip staff/mamasan, but this is the first case they deserve it (no lies, no bullshit, only useful information). Asking or begging for a tip or trying to short-change me does not work, but finally and unexpectedly they found a way to open my wallet. I hope I can apply this insight to my advantage. I have tried to get my hands into boys’ pant determinedly, by any means (but not at any cost), all in vain.

Continue to DJ station. They have a new green laser on the ceiling that sends ring of laser beams down (from time to time), very nice effect! (See separate post.)

There are some old acquaintances and a few cute boys, but none of them so cute that I would approach him. But a few boys approach me. One of them asks “Do you know why I like you so much?” “No?” “Because you are amazing!” I have been called many things recently, but it’s the first time someone called me “amazing”. To his defense: he was drunk.

Back on the ground floor, a man from Indonesia (but now living in Germany and fluent in German) approaches me. Not my type (too hunk), but he has wonderful warm hands and he says some nice things to me. I agree to go with him to his room in Babylon for a massage. He does indeed do a good massage (he has professional training), which then leads to fooling around for the rest of the night. He is very versatile and very experienced, but not so much my type, so we leave it at hugging and kissing.

6:30 the alarm clock rings. His flight back is around 10, just enough time for him for packing, but not for breakfast together (I eat alone in Babylon, for free as his guest). He leaves to the airport, I spend a few minutes reading the newspaper and the timing is perfect: with MRT and bus, I am back to work at 8:53 (work starts at 9), without going to my room (that would be a detour of 30 min). Amazing Bangkok! You never know in whose bed you will land and out of this bed you can go directly to work. Now if only he was twink and 10 years younger!

(update: this article was written in September 2013, when I had serious problems getting Thai boys in bed. "Evil forces in the universe prevent me from getting laid." Now the situation has changed, and everything makes sense (missing a green light and having to wait to cross the road, chatting with a Farang friend far longer than planned) to bring me together with a cute boy.)

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  1. boy from classic , don't blame evil forces , you were simply too stingy to pay for short time room,

    motocy driver - if he declines , leave at that, may be he was happy he could give you a lift and feel you behind him

    drunk, not drunk, if somebody calls you amazing take it for face value, may be he was sincere and drunk, not just drunk


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