Thursday, 23 January 2014

Money saving tips (1): zero electricity bill

Money saving tips (1): zero electricity bill

When I got the electricity bill for December 2013, I was surprised: zero Baht to pay. There is a threshold for electricity consumption, under this threshold you don't have to pay (where I live). In summer with aircon I consumed up to 150 kWh, resulting in a bill of about 500 Baht. But in December, without aircon only 32 kWh, which is under the threshold.

Picture, in red oval: 0 Baht, payable until 14/01/57

General information: in the history (table on right side), you can see electricity consumption of the six previous months (give you an idea how long a place has been vacant when you move in).

To pay the electricity bill, I just go to 7/11 and they scan the bar code on the back and add 10 Baht service charge. 

(I notice the picture overlaps with the navigation bar on the right.)


  1. interesting and this limit system obviously helps poor people with 1 bulb in their shack

  2. at BigC and tescoLotus you can also pay bills for just 5 bt extra-see first which tills do that.
    But good that you can pay for yourself the official bill-most aprtmts the owner does it and takes his cut above.


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