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Pattaya weekend 03.-05.01.2014

Pattaya weekend 03.-05.01.2014

I notice on the forums that many of SGT’s finest are in Pattaya at the moment, and I haven’t been for a while, so Pattaya is the place to be for the weekend. My usual place Gurke Guesthouse (500 Baht per night) was booked out, but Two Guys Guesthouse is free (700 Baht including breakfast, not a bad deal if you consider the problems to get a simple cheap breakfast in the morning and during daytime).

Impressions from a few walk-through’s and poking head into a few bars:
Few customers in Sunee (beer bars and gogo bars), few customers in Boyztown gogo bars, but bars between Copa and Castro full extending onto the road when I walked past.

Friday, 03.01.2014

Bus to Victory Monument, van to Pattaya, this time clearly faster than airport bus. Check in, shower, change clothes. Dinner in Sunee (Le Bouchon Thai, Tom Kha Gai, now 100 Baht including steamed rice). Have a chat with a boy Nop I had twice last year at Forest bar. Continue my round and ask at Eros for the boy Tom I had last time: not in today. When I leave, Nop is walking past. That must be a sign. So I follow him, and the idea of slipping my hands under his shirts and in his pants is arousing. I catch up and say hello (again): he is on his way home and doesn’t mind coming to my room.

Great body and cute face as always, but not much activity in bed. Gets hard in the beginning when I wank him, but then loses it. I need an instructional video to show straight boys what I would like in bed. I finger his hole, no resistance (I know straight boys who say “no” when you touch their butt). “Did you ever bottom?” “Never.” (n.b.: He does not reject the idea of getting fucked.) I tip him 1000 Baht and we part.

There is little activity in Sunee Plaza. And that with several bars closed, i.e. if all bars were open the customers would be spread out even thinner. Poke my head into Nice Boys and Power Boys: good atmosphere, about 10 boys, many sitting with customers. In Eros similar (but Tom is the only one I want from there).

Walking Street busy as usual. Walk to Bali Hai pier and then to Boyztown. Too late to go to a bar (midnight, shows, cute boys might be offed already). A boy I had before and would take again works as a waiter in Serene, but he is still busy, I want to take him after work to avoid the off fee, but that would be even later. I spot a cute boy Pat outside Wild West Boys and we chat and exchange phone numbers and Line. But I’m not horny, so I leave it at that and return to Sunee via Walking Street.

Have a drink and a chat with friends at Gurke Guesthouse. Were two cute boys earlier this night, one is gone (busy with a customer), the other one (Bob from Chiang Mai, 21/60/173) is still there. He flirts with me, and despite him being too pale in complexion and too fat (by my strict standards, 60 kg, 173 cm), I consider offing him. He wears green Aussibum underwear, I never had a boy with green Aussibum underwear. It’s 3:30 am, and normally he would have to work until 4 am, but I can get him without off fee (but have to return him by 1 pm next day).

We go to my room and to bed to sleep. In addition to pale skin, he has a few tattoos and his skin is too cold and wet. I think I made a mistake. I am not horny, but you don’t know what the next morning will bring.

Saturday, 04.01.2014

We wake up about 10 am and take a shower. Even after a hot shower, his skin is cold and wet. No way we will have sex! Back to bed and continue to sleep. He leaves 1 pm (his work starts at 1 pm) and I tip him 1000 Baht. It was a mistake to take him (pale skin, too fat), I have to stop acting like a charity! Next time he will flirt with me again, that will make it more difficult to get the other boy (brown skin, slim).

Get up around 3 pm (the latest for a long time), eat breakfast. A friend stays near Tuk Com, and he is having breakfast as well, so I join him for a long chat. After that we part and I walk around in the area.

There is a cute boy, he says hello while he passes me and not much later chats me up. Rak from Malaysia (English limited, can speak Thai but not read and write). While we chat I go through my list of requirements for a sexual parter:

Brown skin: positive
Body shape: ok
Cute face: positive
Pleasant personality: positive
Underwear: looks promising

He has a chance. But he might be a moneyboy (most probably in that setting, in that case stricter standards apply). So I ask him: 2000 for boom-boom, 1000 for smoking and 500 for wanking. I am tempted. But I need to know his skin temperature. I touch his arm.

Skin temperature: negative (cold and wet).

We say goodbye and I check massage places near Tuk Com. No boy catches my eye, but I just want a massage to spend the waiting time until dinner, no sex. So I take any boy for one hour oil massage. The massage takes about 50 minutes and so-so (the boy had training, but his individual style is not what I like). I decline an offer for a hand job. 300 Baht for massage and 200 Baht tip.

A boy I had for free in Sansuk Sauna and again on another visit called while I was in the massage parlor. This is not a coincidence, someone must have told him I am back in Pattaya. I call back and say I will meet a Farang friend and are not free tonight. Being spoilt for choice, I cannot take the same boy on three consecutive visits, even if he goes with me for free.

8:30 pm go to Eros bar to meet another Farang friend and to check if Tom is in. Not in yet, might come later. We sit outside Eros and chat, until New Queens Bar start their opening party (was closed yesterday) with loud music. We have to retreat to a quieter place where we can talk in normal voice.

Our relocation leads us to Sky Bar, we sit opposite Good Boys for some eye candy (one boy shirtless). My friend likes the shirtless boy and takes him behind the blind. But he reappears quickly: The boy wanted 500 Baht for a being blown, and while my friend was talking with the boy (and the boys had his dick out already) a waiter came and demanded he buy a drink for himself and the boy, at 150 Baht each. All they got was a 100 Baht tip for the boy. (All as reported by my friend, do others have experience at Good Boys?)

It’s getting late (11 pm) and I still have no boy for the night (although the problem is merely to decide which one to take). We say goodbye and I check Eros again: Tom not in. But a Farang friend is in, so I say hello and learn that 8 boys have already been taken off at Eros, and the remaining are sitting with customers. I suddenly realize that the chat before was longer than expected, I missed going to a bar with underwear.

Walk to Boyztown. Along Second Road, between the school and the parked song thaeows, I observe a woman squatting down between the parked song thaeows and a pile of rubbish bags. Getting closer, I can see her bare ass and a stream of urine. To her defence: she was peeing through the grille that covers the sewer systems and runs on the street next to the curbstone.

Arrive in Boyztown 23:50. Poke my head into Toy Boys: all in white underwear (as last time I went there). Not my style. Whereas Funny Boys now has sexy underwear every night (before it was just Sunday).

I have not been to Wild West Boys for over two years. Two years ago, I was there and a boys who is absolutely not my type kept pestering me for drink and off, that really put me off for one year. And after I overcame that shock, there was always lack of boys or show going on when I wanted to go. But now, midnight, show is over and there are about 10 boys on stage, among them Pat from yesterday.

So I enter and order orange juice (220 Baht). There are 10 boys, 8 in trousers and 2 in underwear. But the first thing I notice is music is too loud.

“Can you lower the music?”
“Can you lower the music?” (speaking slowlier and louder than before)
“I don’t understand.”
“The music is too loud!” (Now shouting word for word at the waiter, pointing at my ears).

Nothing happens, so when my drink arrives I have to raise the issue again. To my surprise, the DJ turns down the music and it stays at an acceptable level for half an hour, until the show starts at 00:30. (I had cases where they reduced the music level on my request, and then turned it up again minutes later.)

Pat, the boy I chatted with yesterday, does not pay any attention to me. This is strange, outside he was chatty and then we chatted on Line as well, but now nothing. His body shape is not so much to my taste. And there is another boy who has a great physique and keeps smiling at me, so I ponder offing him.

But what worries me is that 8 out of 10 boys are in street trousers. I don’t pay gogo bar prices to watch boys in street trousers (well I do very rarely but I don’t approve of this system).

“Why are the boys in trousers?”
(blank stare from waiter)
“I like to see underwear.”
(the waiter breaks out in laughter): “Sorry, I speak English little bit.”
ทำไมกางแกง ผมชอบกางเกงใน“ (Why are the boys in trousers? I like underwear.)

The waiter shouts something to the boys and two open their belts and zippers and pull down their trousers to their knees, and they put them up again. This way, we won’t get anywhere. Wild West Boys will go to the bottom of my list for another two years. But apart from loud music and boys in underwear, I have to say that waiters and boys were friendly and not pushy. There were times where I was the only customer surrounded by 3 boys/waiters.

“How much is off fee?”
“If I want to take a boy, how much?”
“400 for bar – and 2000 for boy.”
“2000? Are you sure?”
“Yes, 2000 for boy.”
(I put on my “don’t try to bullshit me” face and voice.)
“Listen, I have been coming to Pattaya for 4 years, and I always paid 1000 for short time.”
(He discusses something in Thai with another member of staff. I cannot understand because music is too loud.)
“For short time 1000.”
“And for long time?”
(I will let this pass as an apology.)

The cute boy keeps making eye contact and smiling, whereas Pat continues to ignore me. I sit through the show (00:30 to 01:30), during which the music level is too loud, and other customers smoke. I have to get out soon! I cover my ears with my hands and a waiter brings tissue to put into my ears. Finally, the cute boys comes over to say hello. I touch his arm: warm and dry skin. I off the cute boy, with some assistance from staff (it sometimes helps if someone asks me if I want boy).

Change comes with three 10 Baht coins stuck into the holder, I leave one of them for tip and reject further demands for tips.

We leave, I have a snack at Beach road, the boy (Kit from Cambodia) is not hungry. We go back to Sunee via Walking Street. A smile here and a touch there, it starts very promising. The other boy Pat from Wild West Boys writes on Line that he is sad I didn’t take him. (But no drama or bitching, so he stays on my list.) I managed for four years to avoid such a situation. I will take or tip him another time. Nearing Sunee, I wonder which way to take. I don’t want to walk into boy A at B or into boy C at D and have to stop for a chat.

Back in my room, shower and go to bed. Kit is amazing in bed, one of the best offs I ever had. We don’t have to discuss long time, he just stays overnight.

Sunday, 05.01.2014

Another round in the morning, as fantastic as the previous. We exchange contact details, I tip 1500, promise to take him again next time (but I won’t pay 220 Baht for a drink to watch boys in trousers, and maybe we find a way to avoid the off fee as well). Check out at 12, have breakfast and take song thaeo to Jomtien (bus stop at Foodmart).

The song thaeo makes a loop to Bali Hai pier to drop some passengers there and then continues to Jomtien. I never had this before (mix between standard route and detours to drop passengers), and this delay means I have just five minutes left before the bus leaves. I arrive 12:55 and am told that the 1 pm bus is booked out, next is 2 pm. I buy a ticket anyway (could spend the waiting time at the beach, although going there takes 15 minutes, and back 15 minutes, leaves 30 minutes for the beach) and hang around. I can see from outside that there are a few places still not occupied. And indeed, staff tells me I can get on the 1 pm bus with a ticket for the 2 pm bus. Once on the bus, I count 3 empty seats.

Return to Bangkok without incidents. Cost of the weekend between 6000 and 7000 Baht.

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  1. I hope you will continue to post some of these weekend accounts on the Forums, now you have your blog.

  2. I started the blog so I have one place to post my reports (before I used to post on up to three forums), so I will not post these report on the forums. But everyone is welcome to read and comment here.

  3. another great report from you, better find ways of extending your job contract and a visa, you don't want to waste your talents in Europe


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