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Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2b: Wat Sothon)

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2b: Wat Sothon)

Sunday 01.09.2013

I check out and leave my luggage at the reception. (Check out time is 11 am, I could have gotten late check out 3pm for 300 Baht, but no point as my Camfrog acquaintance is in Bkk – otherwise I could have taken him back to my room.)

Grindr in CCS. I found one cute boy not far away, we exchanged some messages, but there was a communication problem. Delays between sending and reading (when one of us was not online). I wrote to him about 11 am that I would go to Wat Sothon and asked if he wants to meet there, around 2 pm he writes back that he is at the Wat. Too late!

Others have written about Wat Sothon (full name:
Wat Sothon Wararam Woraviharn (Wat Hong) (วัดโสธรวรารามวรวิหาร)):

so I will just post some pictures. It's one of the biggest (or the biggest) Wat in Thailand, and I once saw it from the Bangna-Trat highway.

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