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New Year’s Eve Tuesday 31.12.2013

New Year’s Eve Tuesday 31.12.2013

(More ways how not to seduce straight boys, but maybe I am getting closer. Pretending to be merely translating for my friend was successful, none of the activities described below would have been possible if I had admitted being gay and having an interest in them.)

I have no plan for today, but in the afternoon M messages me and invites me to join him and his friends for dinner (pork barbeque, หมูปิ้ง) and New Year celebration. I take bus and taxi to his soi in Sathorn and we meet there at 5 pm. Mocy ride to another place deep in Sathorn, me on mocy with one cute boy in front and one behind me. First stop is to fill up gasoline/petrol, 350 Baht (I am asked to pay). More boys come and go by mocy to buy pork, beer and other food (it takes quite a while until they return, I don’t know what else they do, and why it takes three). In total 8 boys, one not my type but the others range from “wouldn’t mind” over “cute” to one stunner. Conversation (all in Thai) is about life in Thailand and Europe, a lot of sex talk, talk about my gay German friend, ladies at Sanam Luang (I have to admit I have never seen available ladies when I go to Saranrom, I have to check to have correct information). They pour whisky into my orange juice, in front of me or when I’m away, and offer me beer, so I get very slightly drunk in the course of the evening.

Two general observations for such events: when handing out money, I ask what they are going to buy and try to keep track. If you hand out money indiscriminately, it will get out of hand (like I had it with Mee and his friends in August, they just come to you “Can you give me 100 Baht” and then walk away after I hand over the money). And you have to start with a stack of 100 Baht notes (I never tried, but I think it’s unrealistic to send them away with 1000 Baht and hope they bring back 900 Baht change).

I had to restrict use of my mobile phone (which is newer, bigger and more expensive than their phones). M asked me to use my phone to call a friend, I gave it to him, but this lead to other requests by his friends. Suddenly everyone wanted to borrow my phone to call friends and family. It’s not a question of money, I just don’t want others to handle my phone, they could steal it, drop it or play around (e.g. after the call M switched to facebook and scrolled through my facebook). They could discover my cute boy pics (I could turn this to my advantage, I will search for and store some straight porn on my phone). I finally told them I am afraid of running out of credit (you can easily check, fortunately none of them got the idea to tell me to check), which worked. General advice is not to let others make calls from your phone. However watching straight porn on my phone together might lead to something interesting.

I observe their interaction: who is chatty, who is quiet, who gets up when someone else wants to sit down, who does the washing up after dinner. C farts a few times, to the amusement of the others.

About 9 pm, they boys start firework (low scale). Throwing crackers at each other and at me, then running away. This is part of our relocation to Asiatique. Asiatique is only 2 km away, but it takes us about an hour to get there. We are 8, too many for a taxi, but finally five of us get on a tuk-tuk and go to near Asiatique (60 Baht, traffic jam, so we have to walk the last part). The other three walk and join us later (M obviously went to his place to change clothes). Charoenkrung is packed, traffic jam on street and slow pedestrian traffic. Part of the sidewalk is under construction, so you have to watch your step. Plenty of cute boys! 

We arrive around 10 pm and walk around. We go to public toilet, and they look over to me at the urinary to see my dick. Unfortunately, I can’t see theirs as their T-shirts are hanging over (anyway, this situation is not arousing for me, but at least we are getting closer to where I want to go). It looked like they charge an admission for the concert, but many people just stay outside on the parking are. We spend about half an hour and then go back. (I don’t understand why we went there in the first place.) Not far from Asiatique, we sit down at a bus stop and wait for the other boys (who didn’t fit on the tuk-tuk) to join us. They arrive. I reject requests for taxi and suggest we walk back (there is traffic jam, taxi would be slow and expensive). On our way back, it gets touchy: putting hands on shoulder and around waist, knocking each other’s head (and then running away so the other can’t know back), grabbing crotch or butt (and then preventing the other to return the favor) and even grabbing my crotch from behind and trying to lift me up. One boy is walking behind me, but from the edge of my eye I can see that he puts his hand down his pants, probably rubs his hand on his cock and then wants to shake my hand. I don’t. Altogether, behavior bordering on infantile, maybe it’s the alcohol?

I ask if one of them has a free room so I could stay overnight because I run out of money (a lie) and am drunk. Unfortunately not. We buy a few more beer (and orange juice for me) and settle down at a former cinema. More dick talk (I have to lie that I had girls in Germany, England, France and Thailand) and we finally come to the question: who has the biggest dick? And indeed, two of them want to compare. So we go to a secluded corner. One watches, C and I rummage in our pants. Suddenly, C starts peeing onto the wall and turns around, I can barely take a step back before it would hit me. But after that, he is serious: I get a glimpse of his pubic hair and dick, and he of mine, while P shines light from a mobile phone on us. Not arousing for me, but it might lead to more in the future.

A trip to the gas station to use their toilet (free). Again, they look over to my dick while I am peeing. C and M go into a cubicle (separate) and P lifts me up so I can look over the wall (P’s suggestion) and see that M has a big dick. I can feel the glow of P’s cigarette on my back, but there is no hole in my T-shirt afterwards, how is this possible? I return the favor and P watches M and C over the wall. Then it’s midnight and we watch the firework.

About 00:15, they want to go home to sleep, so I leave and take a taxi to Silom. Stop at Montara Massage Soi 8 for a drink (I had massage there before, staff is having a party outside, I get invitation for food and drink) and at Best Massage Soi 6 (same). Then a stroll through Soi 4, it is packed. Chat with Farang friends. Continue to Soi 2, even at the entrance there is pedestrian traffic jam. Along Rama 4 to Soi Twilight. Most gogos closed (1:30), but beer bars still open and plenty of activity. Bus 29 home. It has never been that full. By mere luck, I get a seat, and then it gets really crowded (with several cute boys). Home about 3 am.

The cutest boys (by far) were around Asiatique. In Silom it looked pretty dire.

The whole day cost me about 1200 Baht (including feeding the boys), probably the low end of what Farang spend on New Year’s Eve.

I am getting further with these boys. The target is to get one of them into a room with me (however my room is too far away!). We are getting away from this: first encounter was two boys in room with my German friend, second encounter three boys on the street (none wanted to come to my friend’s room for 300 Baht for a wank), now 8 boys on the street. But at least they showed high interest in ladies in Sanam Luang, maybe I can arrange to take one boy there and we take a lady to a short time hotel? Then I will have to direct the activities, so everything proceeds slowly and I can touch the boy, and not the lady.

Maybe I am too reserved. There was a lot of sex talk, touching (in a non-sexual way). Maybe I can’t see the forest for the trees. I will try the straight porn approach. Their mobile phones’ screens are too small for any useful watching of porn, they can’t do it in an internet café and have no computer at home.

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  1. It looks you had lots of fun on New Year's Eve. Good luck with straight porn approach, it should work. Watching straight porn at hotel room with boys special on few occasions loosened up them considerably


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