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My first instant hook-up Thursday 02.02.2013

My first instant hook-up Thursday 02.02.2013

(Technically I was the one who was hooked up, and while we got to bed and both got naked and erect and my friend came, I didn’t get to orgasm, but these are small details. The important point is instant sex, from the street to the room and back in less than one hour.)

I occasionally travel to Ladprao 130 to meet a friend and am free later at night, so I contacted some boys who live in the area on Grindr. One of them is free and can meet at 10 pm. I go to Soi 107 (where he lives) and call him 10 pm: no reply. Call again every 5 minutes, finally 10:15 I get him on the phone. After two interruptions (or did he just hang up?) I get it: he is busy watching TV and can’t meet tonight (?!). But then, we get into a conversation on grindr (which is worth a separate post in the near future). Altogether, I spend an hour walking, talking and texting in order to meet this boy.

The part of soi 107 from main road to the university is dark and quiet, but when the soi turns left, it gets busy with streetfood and market. While walking along, there are three boys who look gay (but none of them particularly cute) in front of a street food stall. The cutest (Toto, in pajama, long trousers, long sleeves) smiles to me and waves his hand. Slim body, cute face (I can live with the acne, but the cream has to go off!), nice haircut. So I go back and say hello. We chat and he invites me to his room. (Where will this lead?)

I am hungry, so I ask what he is having and order the same. He pays before I can ask for the price or get my wallet out. We go to his room, his friend (from the street) leaves, his roommate (girl, Poppy) joins us for dinner. This confirms a long hold suspicion: take away food (with the enormous amounts of styrofoam and plastic bag waste involved, even the spoon is plastic and disposable) is a standard way of eating.

After dinner, Poppy leaves to a neighboring room for playing cards. We are now alone in the room. (Where will this lead?) After some general chat (in English; my Thai and his English are comparable, in such cases I leave them ignorant of my abilities to understand Thai, so they talk in Thai to each other and don’t know that I understand about 50 % of what they are saying) we exchange phone numbers and Line.

There are 3 people staying in the room, two can sleep in the double bed and one on the floor. The rent is 3800 Baht for about 20 sqm. I pay only 3000 Baht (will increase to 3500 in February) for about 30 sqm. From visiting about 10 Thai rooms of different size and standard, mine is clearly the cheapest by square meter. Even in the slum, they pay 1000 Baht for 10 sqm, but the standard is much lower.

I saw their electricity and water bill as well: in December 204 kWh at 7 Baht and 13 cubic meters water at 18 Baht. That’s quite a lot. Toto switched on the aircon when we entered, but then turned it off on my request (I haven’t used aircon for over a month).

He doesn’t know gayromeo and used Grindr on his previous phone (which he lost, so now he is without Grindr). He says he messaged me on Grindr in December and I didn’t reply (that’s possible, but I couldn’t find him in the message list). We discuss sexual preferences: He is bottom and I am more top. (Where will this lead?) I am not in the mood for sex, let me get out of here. Too late!

(look at my watch: 23:30): “I have to go home now, it’s late.”
I get up and get into my right flip flop.
“No wait. I want to have sex with you. Now.”
“But I have to work tomorrow.”
“Just five minutes.” (Toto gets up and dims the light.)

I am well aware that it won’t be done in five minutes, but I can’t leave a needy Thai boy alone. He undresses. Body ok (slim, could be a bit more muscular), complexion ok (could be a bit darker), underwear not my style, dick size ok, a bit too much pubic hair, skin temperature ok (could be a bit warmer), no tattoos or body hair. I undress as well. He starts wanking and sucking me. He gets me half hard (I had sex yesterday and will have sex again tomorrow, I am simply not horny at the moment).

Then he lubes his ass and wants to ride on me (without condom, but as I’m not hard enough for penetration this is not a problem). I finger him and play with his nipples and balls while he wanks. His sphincter has a tight grip on my middle finger, after some minutes my arm becomes tired from reaching around his body. Toto comes on his body, takes a quick shower, dresses in Pajama and leads me outside. He says hello to a friend on the floor, and several more girly bottom boys appear and wave at me (tea pot style).

On the street, we say goodbye. About one hour from first contact on the street to being back on the street. If someone had told me this story, I wouldn’t believe it. We will meet again next week. I hinted that I don’t like cosmetics/medicine on his skin (there was a strange taste when I licked his neck).

His bathroom has warm water, mine has not. He stays with two others (so he has to arrange this room to be free), I stay alone and can bring guests and have sex whenever I want. I have to weigh these three factors (hot shower, free room, traveling time) against each other.

Moral: don’t go with strangers!

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