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Dating Thai boys (8): It’s not easy (3)

Dating Thai boys (8): It’s not easy (3)

[LINE] Chat with Thonburi Boy
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22:27     Thonburi Boy     Hello
22:27     Thonburi Boy     What are you doing?
22:27     christianpfc         Hello, I am sitting on bus, going home.
22:28     christianpfc         And you?
22:29     Thonburi Boy     Play phone
22:29     Thonburi Boy     When we meet?
22:30     christianpfc         This week I am busy. But free on the weekend.
22:31     Thonburi Boy     Ok
22:33     Thonburi Boy     ขอเงินใช้หน่อยได้มัยไม่มีเงินใช้แล้ว.can you help me? (Can I have some money please? I don’t have any money.)
22:34     christianpfc         Yes, when we meet again.

16:16     christianpfc         Hello, how are you?
16:51     Thonburi Boy     I am ok
16:51     Thonburi Boy     And you?
17:00     christianpfc         I am fine. Are you free tonight?
19:41     Thonburi Boy     Tomorrow I am fee
19:46     christianpfc         Ok

13:40     christianpfc         Hello, when can we meet?

(Message not read. So I call him 15:50, he was sleeping and hangs up during our call.)

15:51     Thonburi Boy     Yes
15:51     Thonburi Boy     คุยในนี้ (let’s chat here instead of on the phone)
15:51     christianpfc         Ok
15:52     christianpfc         Where are you now?
15:52     Thonburi Boy     Home
15:52     christianpfc         I am in my room.
15:52     Thonburi Boy     And. You
15:52     Thonburi Boy     Ok
15:52     Thonburi Boy     What time you meet me?
15:52     christianpfc         Can you come to meet me?
15:53     christianpfc         เจอกันห้องผมได้ไหม (Can we meet in my room?)
15:53     Thonburi Boy     No money
15:54     Thonburi Boy     ห้องคุณไกลมากๆ (Your room is so far away. – Bullshit! My room is as far away from your room as your room is from my room! One of us has to travel. And if I pay for everything, then you move your lazy ass to my room!)
15:54     christianpfc         I can give you money for bts and bus
15:55     christianpfc         My room is free.
15:55     Thonburi Boy     Ok
15:56     christianpfc         Do you remember the way?
15:56     Thonburi Boy     Just more ment I am eat rice
15:56     christianpfc         Bts to หมอชิต (Mor Chit)
15:57     christianpfc         Then bus 29 or 510
(Short refexion: let’s keep it simple, taxi is far easier and faster from Mor Chit, so better offer him money for taxi.)
16:07     christianpfc         From bts mor chit better by taxi to (my address in Thai)
16:07     christianpfc         I give you money for taxi.
16:14     Thonburi Boy     But. Now I don't have money.
16:15     christianpfc         Can you borrow from friend? I give you back when we meet.
16:15     Thonburi Boy     Ok
16:17     Thonburi Boy     How much you give money to me?
16:17     christianpfc         500
16:18     Thonburi Boy     ไม่พอ (not enough)
16:18     christianpfc         How much do you need?
16:19     Thonburi Boy     1000 are you ok
16:20     christianpfc         Ok
16:22     Thonburi Boy     Ok
16:22     Thonburi Boy     What time can I meet you
16:23     christianpfc         i am free now. can you come now?
16:54     christianpfc         Where are you now?
17:09     Thonburi Boy     Home
17:09     Thonburi Boy     6 pm go to meet you
17:10     Thonburi Boy     Are you ok
17:10     Thonburi Boy     ?
17:10     christianpfc         I am fine.
17:10     christianpfc         6 pm leave your room or arrive in my room?
17:11     Thonburi Boy     Leave your room (leave my room; very common confusion: “your room” means “my room”)
17:11     Thonburi Boy     Ok
17:11     Thonburi Boy     ?
17:11     christianpfc         6 โมงเย็น. ออกไปหรืมาถึง (Are you leaving or arriving at 6 pm?)
17:12     Thonburi Boy     ออกไป (leaving)
17:12     christianpfc         Ok
17:13     christianpfc         เวลาเดินทางประมาณ1ชั่วโมง (Travel time is about 1 hour)
17:13     christianpfc         มาถึง1ทุ่ม (arrive 7 pm)
17:14     Thonburi Boy     Yes
18:02     Thonburi Boy     Hello
(I have to give him credit for writing to me at 6 pm tell me he cannot come, instead of letting me wait in vain until 7 pm, or waiting for me to call him to ask where he is.)
18:03     christianpfc         Yes
18:03     Thonburi Boy     Today I am no have money go to meet you
(What the fuck! We discussed this two hours ago! Are you retarded?)
18:03     christianpfc         I can give you money back
18:04     christianpfc         But come to my room first
18:14     Thonburi Boy     เงินไม่พอไป you know (money is not enough – I don’t know if he means 1000 Baht is not enough or he has not enough money for BTS and taxi to come to my place)
18:14     christianpfc         Can you come or not?
18:30     Thonburi Boy     Not
18:31     christianpfc         Ok

(There is a low probability that is a giant misunderstanding and he really does not have 42 Baht for BTS and there is nobody among family or friends who can lend him money for BTS and taxi – although money for taxi is not necessary, I had boys coming by taxi and we met at the taxi so I could pay the taxi because they didn’t have the money. But even if – what did he do with the 500 Baht I gave him last time?)

Two hours and a half wasted! (Not completely, I was in my room and doing other stuff chatting with and waiting for him.) This boy is the best looking I am currently dating in Bangkok. Initially, I thought he was boyfriend material, but after several non-subtle money requests and this bullshit above, I will keep him at fuck buddy level. This problem (traveling time and money) could be solved by going to meet him (he lives in walking distance from Wongwian Yai, so we met at the BTS several times and then went to a short time hotel), but I will try to train him to come to my place. I will not see him for a week (to get over the bullshit above) and then go to meet him when I am in the area.

In can live with being a standing ATM (i.e. the boys comes to me to get my money), but I have to draw the line before becoming a walking ATM (i.e. I go to the boy to give him money).

News flash / reality check:

I am the one who is unique, not you. Thailand is full of gay boys who would want to have sex with me for free (unfortunately, the vast majority is not my type) and of poor cute straight boys who would have sex with me for reasonable amounts of money (unfortunately, I don’t have the social skills to arrange this). Farang like me who are reasonably good looking and speak Thai are scarce.

I can get laid in Saranrom any time of the night (but I have to travel one hour to get there, walk around one hour, travel one hour back) – and that’s what I will do tonight! You on the other hand have nobody else who will give you 1000 Baht.

(continued in next post) 

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