Monday, 13 January 2014

The year 2013 in retrospective

The year 2013 in retrospective

Now I can see clearly that 2013 was a “W” (use font where the middle peak is lower than the end peaks). On Jan 8th I entered Thailand and had the rest of January for holiday. In February I started work and soon found out that work conditions are sub-optimal (euphemism for abysmal, awful, ) and my current job is a dead-end. Not much luck with Thai boys either.

The lowest point was in April, when my passport was stolen during Songkran and the following day, the straight drunken boy pissed in my bed. The non-offable boy at Scorpion bar was an experience I don’t want to repeat, either. And one trip to Pattaya wasn’t what it should have been.

Then I bought a laptop and got internet for my room, and it got better. I met two boys for free and would have loved to repeat the experience, unfortunately they weren’t interested. Holiday in Germany and Austria in July was fine.

In Super A I met Dee, finally a boy who is worth all the money (drink, off fee, short time room, 1200 Baht tip). We met three times in Super A, then he left the bar and took a normal job. We haven’t met again (but I have his facebook account, so I will pursue this one day).

Back in Thailand, I had this encounter with Mee in my area in August. But it went wrong, he didn’t come to my room for 300 or 500 Baht for short time, because it was raining and he didn’t want to walk. His loss! Another low point in 2013.

From September on, things got better. I met a few boys in Bangkok and had repeat interaction with them (still continuing), and every weekend in Pattaya was a full success.

Due to work (no holiday, free only on weekends and on public holidays), I could not travel as much as I wanted. Leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday night restricted me to places around Bangkok: Chantaburi, Chachoengsao, Pattaya, Koh Si Chang. Only in January (before I started work) did I manage a trip far away (Bueng Gan province in the North-East). I will catch up on missed travel this year (2014)!

The biggest mistake I made in 2013 was telling boys in my area that I am gay. Homosexuality is accepted/tolerated, but it’s a cock block. We joke about my sexual orientation (or rather I am ridiculed?), some boys don’t want to sit next to me (but drink the beer bought by my money). I will move this year, and will not make this mistake again (I have to make up a cover story).

The best purchases I made was a laptop and a mobile phone. Having a computer and internet at home is so convenient! And I don’t want to miss my new phone (i-mobile IQ6), it is just amazing!

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  1. You tormenting yourself Christian dwelling on low points instead of just shrug them off. Stolen passport is only low point , otherwise you just had a ball year round 8 days a week , 25 hours a day. This is how you will be looking at that year from the distance of time I think.

    All the best for 2014 !


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