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Dating Thai boys (3) It can be strange

Dating Thai boys (3) it can be strange

Below a chat I had with a boy on Line. I don’t remember where we first met (and desperately want to find out! I need more information, especially pictures, about him before we meet.), from his picture in Line I am not sure if I want to have sex with him.

[LINE] Chat with Thai Boy
Saved time:2013/12/22 23:15

9:28        Thai Boy               Who are you ?
9:29        christianpfc         My name is Christian.
9:41        Thai Boy               Yeah,what nationality are you ?
9:42        christianpfc         I am German.
9:52        Thai Boy               Yes,i'm Thai,
9:53        christianpfc         Where do you live?
9:53        Thai Boy               In Bangkok. And you ?
9:54        christianpfc         Me too. In lak si, and you?
10:06     Thai Boy               Thonburi
10:06     Thai Boy               Are you gay ?
10:07     christianpfc         Yes. Did we meet on grindr or gayromeo?
10:09     Thai Boy               Sorry,what do you mean ?
10:09     Thai Boy               Are you top or bottom ?
10:10     christianpfc         Botj
10:10     christianpfc         Both
10:10     christianpfc         Do you play gayromeo ?
10:13     Thai Boy               Wow
10:13     Thai Boy               I want to fuck you,can't I ?
10:14     christianpfc         Let's meet first for talking, but I am not free tonight.
10:45     Thai Boy               And will you decide that you like me or not before we have a sex ? If you don't like me,I won't fuck you and we no longer talk again,right ? Are you meaning like that ?
10:45     Thai Boy               ?
10:56     christianpfc         Yes, I want to meet first before decide.
10:57     Thai Boy               What is your style boy ?
10:57     christianpfc         I like slim boys.
10:57     christianpfc         What do you like?
10:58     Thai Boy               Yes, but i'm not slim.
10:58     Thai Boy               Im not fat and thin.
10:59     Thai Boy               I'm so so.
10:59     christianpfc         Ok
10:59     Thai Boy               Do you like ?
10:59     christianpfc         Yes
10:59     Thai Boy               But i'm only top.
10:59     christianpfc         ok
10:59     Thai Boy               I've never been fucked.
11:00     Thai Boy               Can you only be bottom ?
11:00     christianpfc         how about wanking? i like wanking together.
11:00     christianpfc         Yes, I can bottom.
11:01     Thai Boy               But i can't be fucked that includes sucking.
11:01     christianpfc         Ok
11:02     Thai Boy               I really don't like sucking and being fucked. But i like to be sucked and like to fuck.
11:02     Thai Boy               Do you have a problem ?
11:03     christianpfc         No problem.
11:03     christianpfc         How did you get my line?
11:07     Thai Boy               I'm not sure. I found you line id had already been in my phone like you. I don't know how it happens.
11:08     christianpfc         I think we chatted in grindr.
11:08     christianpfc         Or in gayromeo.
11:09     Thai Boy               Yes. But not now.
11:09     Thai Boy               I can now talking to you in this line.
11:16     Thai Boy               Don't you want talk to me ?
11:17     christianpfc         I am at work now. I cannot talk any more.
11:23     Thai Boy               Ok
16:10     Thai Boy               Im horny and want to fuck you so much.
16:11     christianpfc         Sorry, i am at work now and meet a friend tonight.
16:12     Thai Boy               But you said you were at work in last lunch.
16:14     christianpfc         I work 9-5.
16:16     Thai Boy               Now is not 5
16:17     Thai Boy               It's 4.16 pm
16:17     Thai Boy               So you have to work
16:17     Thai Boy               [Sticker]
16:23     christianpfc         Yes, and after work I meet a friend.
16:23     Thai Boy               Meet for sex ?
16:24     Thai Boy               Could i see your pictures of face,body and dick ?
16:29     christianpfc         Sorry, not online, only in real life.
16:30     christianpfc         But I have some pictures on gayromeo, my profile is (edit)
20:41     Thai Boy               Ok
20:02     christianpfc         Do you play gayromeo?
23:12     christianpfc         Hello

(End of post. Let's see if I get into contact again. I have to keep better track between gayromeo and grindr profiles, emails, phone numbers and facebook accounts. Not the first time that I couldn't place a boy who had my contact details.) 

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